## Version 9 - [September](https://open.spotify.com/user/tomplayde/playlist/1Iuhxm38sqQuahHgeUIVV5)

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Was a new feature released that you really want to test or you don't trust my binaries? Follow [this guide](https://github.com/tumGER/SDFilesSwitch/blob/master/HowToCompile.md) to compile it yourself or use [this automatic builder](https://github.com/ThatNerdyPikachu/LaunchpadNX/releases)!

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- Added Firmware 6.0 support
- Added ES patches ("Signature Patches") for firmware 6.0
- Homebrew Loader is now loaded as .nsp instead of nso + npdm
  - Not to be confused with the installable .nsp format! This is just a nso + npdm + pfs0
- Changed the R button functionality for entering the album to be customizable (See #79)
  - Customize it under "config/hbl-config.ini"
    - hbKeyCombo: The Key to press -> Can be SR; SL; DDOWN; DRIGHT; DUP; DLEFT; MINUS; PLUS; ZR; ZL; R; L; RS; LS; Y; X; B or A
       - Use ! + "KEY" to apply in reverse - !R means "Launch HBL when not pressing R" for example
    - hbTitleName -> The name of the title
    - hbTitleId -> The title id that will be replaced with hbl
- Added the ability to customize Homebrew Menu's theme under "config/nx-hbmenu/themes/theme.cfg"
- Updated ReiNX
  - Includes all changes of v1.6
  - Full LayeredFS support (fs_mitm)
  - PM
  - Creport
- Removed LayeredFS INI files (that nobody apparently noticed being redundant)  
- Updated "atmosphere_hekate"
  - Now only contains exo and loads rest from "must_have" (newfirm modules)
- Updated Tinfoil
- Updated Hekate
- Updated EdiZon
- Added a new Bootlogo
  - As voted on by the discord: https://i.imgur.com/TfKKR2S.png
- Updated Homebrew Menu
- Updated Loader, PM, SM
- Removed .nacp from EdiZon (not needed)
- Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

Huge thanks to @jakibaki (Converting ES patches), @rajkosto (RajNX and FS patches for Hekate), @ThatNerdyPikachu (PR'ing the 6.0 support to hekate), @aveao (for testing 6.0 support), @CTCaer for hekate v4.1, @Atmosphere-NX for adding 6.0 support to their sys-modules and probably a lot more people

**How to use:**

1. Download [Hekate](https://github.com/CTCaer/hekate/releases) or use the payload that comes with the package
2. Download the [latest release](https://github.com/tumGER/SDFilesSwitch/releases)
3. Start Hekate through e.g. [Fusée Gelée](https://github.com/reswitched/fusee-launcher), [TegraRcmSmash](https://switchtools.sshnuke.net/) or [WebCFWLoader](https://elijahzawesome.github.io/web-cfw-loader/)
4. ???
5. Profit!


-[Atmosphere fork](https://github.com/SDF-Switch/Atmosphere)
-[Homebrew Menu](https://github.com/switchbrew/nx-hbmenu)
-[Homebrew Loader](https://github.com/switchbrew/nx-hbloader)

**There are a lot of modified versions of this pack going around, I'm not connected, responsible or justifiable for the content of those modifications.**