# Version 7.2.1 - [Circles!](https://open.spotify.com/user/tomplayde/playlist/1Iuhxm38sqQuahHgeUIVV5)

Was a new feature released that you really want to test or you don't trust my binaries? Follow [this guide](https://github.com/tumGER/SDFilesSwitch/blob/master/HowToCompile.md) to compile it yourself or use [this automatic builder](https://github.com/ThatNerdyPikachu/LaunchpadNX/releases)!

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- Updated Hekate ("sigpatch_payload.bin") payload
- Removed LayeredFS from "CFW" option
  - Caused too many problems for some users 
    - (Sorry for the pain you had to go through @bernardogiordano :P)
- Added "Older LayeredFS" as option again
- Added "FTP + LayeredFS" as option again
- Removed "Loader + SM" option

- Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

**How to use:**

1. Download [Hekate](https://github.com/CTCaer/hekate/releases) or use the payload that comes with the package
2. Download the [latest release](https://github.com/tumGER/SDFilesSwitch/releases) of your designated CFW and extract it to the root of your Switch SD card
3. Start hekate or ReiNX through e.g. [Fusée Gelée](https://github.com/reswitched/fusee-launcher), [TegraRcmSmash](https://switchtools.sshnuke.net/) or [WebCFWLoader](https://elijahzawesome.github.io/web-cfw-loader/)
4. ???
5. Profit!


-[Atmosphere fork](https://github.com/tumGER/Atmosphere)
-[Homebrew Menu](https://github.com/switchbrew/nx-hbmenu)
-[Homebrew Loader](https://github.com/switchbrew/nx-hbloader)

**There are a lot of modified versions of this pack going around, I'm not connected, responsible or justifiable for the content of those modifications.**