EvolutionX Dashboard Beta Build 3935                 
         DATE: 10/12-2003                                                
         EvolutionX Main Features List                                   
           - Microsoft Dashboard Replacement                             
           - Build in FTP Server                                         
           - Configurable Menu System                                    
           - Flash BIOS utility                                          
           - Upgrade Harddisk and Format/Partition easily                
           - Create game backups                                         
           - Build in Trainer menu system                                
         EvolutionX Release info                                         
           Nothing new in this release sorry.. just a minor update       
           with a few bugfixes.                                          
           - Debug TSR works now (except on net games)                   
           - FTP bugs corrected                                          
           - SymbolicLink always maps D: to DVD now                      
           - IGR problems with Gentoox, Phoenix BIOS loader and          
             Xromwell is fixed now.                                      
           - Many more minor things                                      
         Please report bugs, share new ideas and help each other on      
         our forums.                                                     
         Find more info here:                                            
         EvolutionX Website: HTTP://EVOLUTIONX.INFO	                  
                      Forum: HTTP://FORUMS.EVOLUTIONX.INFO               
         #EvolutionX on Efnet                                            
         Special thanks to our great IRC/WEB support team:               
         All valholl's moderators, ^Blazed^, Cast0r, Psykooz,            
         Apachi2k, 101, -==HoRnEyDvL==-, ShadoLnk, The Dude,             
         Iretch, fatTony, Sryan2k1, Dragon974, Mike                      
         And Greetings to all XBOX Hardware and Software developers      
         Thanks to Team XODUS for their cooperation and support          
         Thanks to Team Complex and Team Phoenix for your help support   
         and cooperation