01.08.01 - Fully working FILE MANAGER mode
01.08.04 - Slide menu style with animation (real sliding when changing titles)
01.08.05 - Support for mounting DVD-Video folders (VIDEO_TS) from internal or external HDD disk (playable as VOBs in XMB VIDEO tab when any DVD-R disc is inserted)
01.08.05 - Support for detecting and mounting PS2 game backups
01.08.06 - PARAM.SFO FW 3.41 patch option. 5 additional search GAME search folders added in .ini
01.08.07 - Fixed locking on exit after FTP usage.
01.08.07 - File manager - mouse pointer changed for better visibility
01.08.07 - When no games are found more messages are displayed and all cover modes + filemanager are accessible!
01.08.07 - Filemanager: L2 - Page Up, R2 - Page Down for current pane

01.09.00 - Support for AVCHD playback from INTERNAL HDD (payload with syscall8 support required)
01.09.00 - Support for backup of AVCHD folders to internal HDD
01.09.00 - OVERSCAN option in the .ini
01.09.00 - Important fix for copying files smaller than 16KB

01.09.01 - Support for AVCHD HDD playback with USB/SDHC/MemoryStick mount points
01.09.02 - Convert Blu-ray (BDMV) structures saved on the internal HDD to AVCHD format
01.09.03 - Overscan option applied to all display modes (except FILE MANAGER)
01.09.04 - Background slide/animation uses PICPA.PNG (and not PICPL/PICPR.PNG) to save 8MB or memory.
01.09.04 - Source changes to compile with SDK 1.90 for older firmwares.
01.09.04 - Separate release for FW 1.90-3.40 (OSK not working in file manager)

01.09.05 - Fixes, improvements and changes. PC HOST network support in FILE MANAGER mode.
01.09.05 - [SELECT]+[X] while in filemanager with currently active net_host# will cause forced REFRESH of net_host contents

01.10.00 - 
* options.ini is changed
* a lot of fixes
* added option to mount /dev_flash to user defined hdd folder
* syscall and mount point options removed
* mounting AVCHD from internal HDD now works for all payloads
* overscan option applied to filemanager mode, too
* version for firmware 3.15 attached, too (do not use it for FW 3.41, because OnScreenKeyboard and HOST doesn't work)

01.10.01 - Fixed PL3 /app_home mounting, added Payload Type info in [L2] Setup and in lower right corner (P=PL3, H=HERMES, G=PSGROOVE)

01.10.02 - Added REMOTE PLAY to multiMAN and the games it launches
01.10.02 - Left analogue stick now moves the mouse like the RIGHT one to be compatible with PSP in remote-play mode for FILE MANAGER in multiMAN
01.10.02 - Fixed issue with "CF Card icon" displaying when PS3 has no internet connection (and possible black-screen lock-up)

01.10.03 - Loading progress message when multiMAN starts
01.10.03 - Improved folder scanning speed
01.10.03 - Changed [L2] Setup menu with motion background and fixed freezing with [PS] button
01.10.03 - Fixed game double listing
01.10.03 - File manager rearranged to fit PSP remote-play screen and overscan TVs
01.10.03 - Fixed folder sorting in file manager

01.10.04 - Fixed LONG loading time
01.10.04 - [SELECT]+[L2]/[R2] - change overscan options
01.10.04 - [SELECT]+[L1] - change cover mode
01.10.04 - [SELECT]+[R1] - change content mode (GAMES/VIDEO/BOTH)
01.10.04 - [START] - launches File Manager
01.10.04 - No modifications will be applied to user PS3 system before accepting the Disclaimer/agreement

01.10.05 - MP3 playback support in file manager (from local and network devices)
01.10.05 - At the moment it is limited to 2ch 44100kHz MP3 audio files (max 32MBs)
01.10.05 - Fading title names on inactivity

01.10.06 - New content folder in file manager /ps3_home
01.10.06 - New option dim_titles=5 in options.ini
01.10.06 - Improved copying folders/games with large number of files

01.10.07 - Fixed MP3 mono playback (plays in stereo)
01.10.07 - Improved COPY speed (20-25MB/s from external USB to internal)
01.10.07 - Fade-out in file manager on inactivity
01.10.07 - "Now playing:" info in [L2] setup screen (for testing purposes)
01.10.07 - Fixed "white background" for some games
01.10.07 - Some other fixes.

01.10.08 -

* JPEG/PNG picture viewer mode in file manager
* Picture viewer mode controls: LEFT/RIGHT or L1/R1 or [X] and [/\] / [O] to exit
* Picture viewer: JPEG downscale to 1920x0180
* Picture viewer: JPEG upscale of 1280x720 and 640x360 to 1920x1080
* Picture viewer: PNG max resolution 1920x1080
* Interface uses JPEG pictures and not PNG
* Covers are now in JPEG format
* Faster browsing in cover/slide mode
* Full package with 826 covers is now 14MB (was 119MB)
* hdd_home options will now accept USB paths, too

01.10.09/10 - Picture viewer

* Zoom-in / Zoom-out with RIGHT analogue stick (or with L2/R2)
* Pan left/right/up/down with LEFT analogue stick
* Slideshow (~6 seconds per picture) - start/stop slideshow with [START] button
* Picture information on/off with [SELECT] button
* Proportional ZOOM to fit WIDTH with [L3]
* Proportional ZOOM to fit HEIGHT with [R3]

* File manager: mp3/jpg/png files colored - makes it easier to find supported media.
* Game browsing in all modes is more responsive (excl the cover/slide one).
* Covers/thumbnails for AVCHD/Blu-ray compilations created with multiAVCHD are now also displayed.

01.10.11 -

* MP3 "playlist" is now working. After you play a song from the file manager, multiMAN will load the rest of the mp3 files from the folder as a playlist and will play them sequentially.
* During playback: [START]+LEFT / [START]+RIGHT skips to previous/next song in any mode and [START]+UP/DOWN controls playback volume
* MP3 is stereo, but it will be played back through all 6 speakers in 5.1 configuration with little attenuation for the rear speakers and the LFE.
* Changed initial volume to be a little softer
* AC3 5.1ch / 2.0ch is also working, but in halts the main thead until song is played through. I'll need a bit more time to put it in the background.
* multiMAN internet update doesn't require USB stick anymore. It will save it under its USRDIR/TEMP and will mount it to /app_home.
* Filemanager shortcut changed to [SELECT]+[START]
* New icon, created by condorstrike from the forum

01.10.13 - 
* Display mode #1 uses FREE TYPE fonts
* Filemanager [RENAME]: the current name is displayed
* Separate UPDATE via internet for firmware 3.15

01.10.14 -
* Nice free type fonts added to display modes #1 and #3. 
* Additional [PATHS] mode added with [L3] (large title names, smaller title names + game path, smaller titles names without the path).
* Game scrolling is rewritten to work in PAGES and browsing is as fast as it can get for all modes.
* Fixed double listing of Blu-ray/DVD-R disc when present
* Fixed disappearing USB games in USB PATCH mode

01.10.15 -
* Fixed OnScreenKeyboard (OSK) for firmware 3.15
* Fixed NETHOST support for firmware 3.15
* Changed NETHOST access during boot
* Fixed AVCHD title display for firmware 3.15
* Fixed some other minor things

01.10.16 - Copy video files to /ps3_home/video virtual folder - they will appear directly in the XMB Video tab.
01.10.16 - [SELECT]+[R3] in game display modes switches between 4 different fonts (with Japanese/French/Spanish/Russian/Bulgarian (Cyrillic)/Serbian support).

01.10.17 -

In File Manager:

* [R3] will open a file in HEX view mode
* HEX view:

[UP]/[DOWN] - Scroll in pages (512bytes)
[left]/[right] - Scroll in blocks (8KB)
[L1] - Seek to start of file
[R1] - Seek to end of file
[L2] - Scroll up one line (8 bytes)
[R2] - scroll down one line (8 bytes)
[/\] or [O] - Exit HEX file viewer

* Playing network files will show their names and not 'net_play.bin'.
* [SELECT]+[L1] will return you from file manager to last display mode
* [SELECT]+[R3] - change freetype font for display modes 1 and 3

01.10.18 -

* Proper detection of Blu-ray Video discs
* New options in the .ini to set mouse deadzone in percents for R/L sticks

* Added MP3/WAV/AAC file copy support to /ps3_home/music (XMB Music tab)
* Added PNG/JPG file copy support to /ps3_home/photo (XMB photo tab)

01.11.00 -

* Improved memory management
* Smoother and faster browsing
* Interface fixes and adjustments, improved MP3 playback
* Background music upon multiMAN startup (additional download required)
- Background music available in separate package (Theme original)

01.11.01 - 

* Support for USB mouse
* Support for USB keyboard
* Support for BD Remote Controller (if set as controller#1)

01.11.02 -


* Launch games from any folder (click [X] on EBOOT.BIN)
* Mount AVCHD from any folder (click [X] on INDEX.BDM)
* Mount BDMV (Blu-ray) from any folder (click [X] on index.bdmv)
* New option in INI: mount_hdd1=1 (to use 2GB PS3 cache partition)

01.11.03 - 

BUGFIX RELEASE (sorry guys!)

* Fixed AVCHD discovery from external USB
* Fixed PL3 payload lockup when launching games
* Added "Control console" accessible via telnet to port 1713 (FW 3.40+)

01.11.04 - 

* Added support for custom interface colors (COLOR.INI)
* Added support for [LASTPLAY] game application
* Fixed PL3 payload lock after internet update
* Fixed multiple game/video listing
* Have a nice X-MAS and support multiMAN and multiAVCHD!

01.11.05 - 

* Fixed mount points reset on launch
* Added experimental support for PS2 game backups
* Other minor fixes

01.11.06 -

* Added startup check for backup folder access
* Fixed support for [last game] application
* Fixed [last game] application (separate download)

01.12.00 -

* Added FILE/FOLDER copy to network PC (nethost)
* Added DELETE file from network PC (nethost)
* New version of ps3serv.exe required (separate download)
* Support for theme ICON0.PNG file

01.12.01 -

* Added CREATE FOLDER for network PC (nethost)
* Improved nethost support (fixed missing empty folders)
* Larger send buffer for ps3serv (up to 10MB)
* Improved game/avchd scan times
* New version of ps3serv.exe required (separate download)

01.12.02 -

* Added support for themes in FILE MANAGER
* Option in the INI to set themes folder location
* Fixed issue with downloading covers for some users
* Theme package with 22 themes availabe (separate download)

01.12.03 -

* Fixed and optimized initial content scan (much much faster than before)
* Fixed font size change (shrink/enlarge) when overscan mode is on during title names dim (fade in/out)
* Fixed original theme (to restore ICON0.PNG)
* Fixed SOUND.BIN (background sound will stop if theme does not support sound and next time you launch multiMAN there will be no sound, too)
* Added Other/Group/User access attributes display in filemanager for files and folders (linux style dxwr)
* Added [START ]+[ ] to stop music playback (for mp3 and background theme audio)
* Added [SELECT]+[X] to force [Direct Launch Prompt] when disabled
* When theme which supports sound (SOUND.BIN) is applied during MP3 playback, playback will not be interrupted
* After device connect/disconnect/patch mode change currently selected game will not change (when possible)
* New options in the ini file:

progress_bar (0 = don't show progress bar during game backup/folder copy, 1 = show progress bar)
update_dir   (path to store downloaded multiMAN update .pkg - to be used ONLY BY advanced users)
date_format  (DD/MM/YYYY, MM/DD/YYYY, YYYY/MM/DD)

01.12.05 -

* multiMAN can be launched from XMB in normal retail mode
* Symbolic / hardlink folder copy in FILE MANAGER [R3]
* New HELP screen in FILE MANAGER (10x condorstrike)
* [L2]/Setup reports firmware and payload (if available)
* Separate download for firmware 3.55

01.13.00 -

* Added support for CFW 3.55KMW and latest PL3 (kmeaw)
* Added check for proper access permissions
* [FW 3.55]: [R1] resets access permissions for selected game
* [Last Game] application updated (separate download)
* [ps3serv] PC application updated (separate download)
* Other fixes and improvements

01.13.01/02 -

* Fixed support for CFW 3.55 (KMW/WTG/WNK/GH) and latest PL3 (kmeaw)
* [Last Game] application fixed to support CFW 3.55 (separate download)
* New options in the ini (clear_activity_logs / load_custom_payload)
* Other important fixes

01.13.03/04 -

* Copy/backup speed increased (about 10% speed gain)
* On-screen-keyboard supports all languages (latin, cyrillic symbols + JP/CN glyphs)
* Experimenatal web browser in FILE MANAGER (network icon)
* multiMAN will save some display options on exit and restore upon launch
* New options in the ini (clear_activity_logs / load_custom_payload)
* Default "load_custom_payload=0" to avoid lockups with FW 3.55
* Important fixes, interface improvements and dialog additions

01.14.00 -

* Implemented stable syscall36 function (thanks to they know who)
* Fixed file manager default character mode
* Fixed network icon/text when no network is available
* More user friendly messages when problem appears
* New update/cover server (thanks to shaj)
* Option to download updates without USB stick
* New 'options.ini' format (thanks to SiGMAniac)
* [Last Game] updated (separate application)
* A lot of other stability fixes

01.14.01 -

* Hypervisor mapped memory set to 4096 bytes (not 3MB)
* Restored AVCHD support for HDD video folders
* Added on the fly mount point redirection
* Added /app_home discless game support (very limited)
* multiMAN now uses only syscall36 function
* Increased stability: proper memory management

01.14.02 - ( 01.15.RC) 

* FW 3.55 - Disc and discless suport (/app_home)
* Update downloads provided in single packages
* A lot of stuff to come in next release

01.15.00 -

* Added: Support for "Black Screen Games" from external USB HDD (thanks to anonymous#3 for the idea)
* Added: Launch "Black Screen Games" with [SELECT]+[X] key combination
* Added: Control console with peek/poke/peekl support via telnet to port 8080
* Added: LV2 GameOS memory [HEX view] and [Save to file] in FILE MANAGER
* Fixed: Blu-ray to AVCHD conversion
* Fixed: Memory allocation for RemotePlay
* Changed: [Last game] application (separate download)

01.15.01 -

* File and folder copy transfer speed improved
* Restored support for games saved on SDHC or MemoryStick cards
* Changed default name for BD-ROM backups to GAMEID-GAMENAME
* Added support for PS3 Demo and Package discs
* Fixed game list refresh in modes with freetype fonts
* New [Help] screen in File Manager (thanks to condorstrike!)
* A lot of hidden improvements and fulfilled requests

01.15.02 -

* Added option to go [BACK] from certain [YES]/[NO] prompts
* Check for available free space before initiating copy/transfer
* Warning prompt if copy destination already contains folder with same (source) name (cancel/overwrite)
* Support for COVER.PNG/COVER.JPG (260x300) and POSTER.PNG/POSTER.JPG (1920x1080) for AVCHD/Blu-ray movies

* Greatly improved internal/built-in FTP server:
- MULTIPLE simultaneous FTP CONNECTIONS from different PC's/clients
- MULTIPLE simultaneous FILE-TRANSFERS (within session or between clients)
- RESUME interrupted transfers

* Total of 973 game covers (FULL package)
* Four new themes (GUI BLUE, SAMUS REMIX, SAMUS REMIX 3, GIZMO) (MEGA package)

01.15.03 -

* Improved copy/backup speed (again)
* Fixed stability during copy
* Delete folders/games is now faster
* Fixed a minor problem with FTP server
* Fixed COVER/POSTER PNG/JPG for external USB AVCHD movies
* New shortcut to check for game updates within multiMAN ([START]+[R3])

01.15.04 -

* Added ftp server controls in Control Console
* Fixed "expand_avchd" option
* General performance improvement
* FTP and USB to Internal speed gain
* Code optimization

01.15.05 -

* Added new display mode (#2) 4x2 icons
* Fixed bug for [select]+[x] combo

01.16.00 -

- No payload of any kind included in the distribution
- Support for "Black screen games" using external USB HDD
* BDEMU.BIN or external payload required to enable following functionality:
- Support for AVCHD/BDMV structures saved on internal HDD (AVCHD HDD)
- Path redirections for /dev_bdvd and /app_home
- BDEMU.BIN is not distributed with install packages

01.16.01 -

* Web browser with PKG files download working
* Improved display mode #3
* Improved switching between display modes
* Improved memory management
* Grayscale images for split-games
* [SELECT]+[X] remembered for games on USB HDD
* (DEV) Functions to blur, alter sat/bri/contrast, mipmap/scale
* (DEV) Preparations for new display mode and GUI

01.16.02/03 -

* NTFS support for external USB HDD (START+/\ to switch to NTFS driver)
* USB.CFG configuration file edit required: 0xVNID:0xPRID:V (vendor ID, product ID, V=number of volumes)
* Only copy from NTFS is supported - nothing more, nothing less
* Folder/File copy in FileManager from NTFS volumes
* Merging split files while copying from NTFS is not supported (only 1:1 copy)
* Altered display modes 1, 2, 3 and 4 (small device icon in lower right corner)
* Fixed 99% progress bar freeze
* Fixed "not enough space on destination drive" in rare cases
* New cache convention
* Added support for 3.56 spoof
* Probably a lot of other things...

01.16.04 -

* Freetype font support for File Manager mode
* Cool (real) mouse pointer for File Manager mode
* Added "screenshot" to RAW (ARGB) file format in control console
* Added some changes to display modes 1, 2 and 3
* Added boot logo
* Major interface speed improvement

01.16.05 -

* New options in the options.ini:
- lock_display_mode - lock selected display mode
- parental_level - set game parental level PIN protection
- parental_pass - PIN code
* New legend image for display modes 1, 2 and 3
* Drop shadow added to File manager texts
* Some more speed optimization

01.16.06 -

* Added: last selected/launched game remembered for next MM start
* Added: parental control to File Manager (launching EBOOT.BINs)
* Added: "restart" command to control console
* Added: support for games without PIC1.PNG (using PIC0.PNG)
* Fixed options.ini parsing (for lock_display_mode)
* Fixed lock after multiple NTFS->FAT mode switching
* Fixed lock when starting game EBOOT.BINs directly from File Manager

01.16.07 -

* Removed prompt/requirement for BD game disc when launching BSG games
* Added: [START]+[R2] to screen capture in RGB RAW format (to /dev_hdd0 or usb)
* Added: support for games without PIC0/1/2.PNG (delete cache folder)
* Added: "launch" pkg files from File Manager (install manually from XMB)
* Added: Refresh/delete/copy won't change currently selected game in the list
* Fixed: shadow copy function in File Manager ([R3])

01.16.08 -

* Added: support for pads connected to any port
* Added: support for BD remote controller and MOVE controller (buttons only)
* Added: support for custom/theme mouse pointer
* Added: support for spoofed FW 3.55 to 3.56/3.60
* Changed: display mode #3 (works faster and looks better now)
* Changed: proper scroll to last game in display mode #2

01.16.09 -

* Added: new display mode (fullpng=6)
* Changed: up to 2048 files/folders in file manager

01.16.10 -

* Added: reflections to [Box art] display mode
* Added: cover-boxes to [4x2] display mode
* Changed: multiMAN icon

01.16.11 -

* Added: Boot progress messages
* Added: Feature to rename game titles [SELECT]+[O]
* Added: Check if game has split files (.666xx) upon game launch
* Fixed: FTP server properly shows "modified" date/time stamp

01.16.12/13 - 

* Added: new options in options.ini: [usb_mirror], [verify_data] and [download_dir]
* Added: support for new version of "ebootFIX" tool (PSN-style XMB games)
* Added: support for ,  and  symbols when renaming game titles (converts (TM) (R) and (C) to ,  and )
* Changed: Max number of games in the list set to 2048
* Added: [START]+[SELECT] restarts multiMAN
* Added: RELOAD.SELF to multiMAN USRDIR folder (this way multiMAN can be launched from other applications)
* Added: support for XMB*.PNG images in themes (XMB0.PNG->PIC0.PNG, XMB1.PNG->PIC1.PNG, XMB2.PNG->PIC2.PNG)
* Added: proper detection of spoofed firmwares
* Added: /ps3_home/archive folder for .mmiso. experimental support (not available yet)
* Fixed: Prompt to change PARAM.SFO when launching newer games
* Fixed: Prompt to change PARAM.SFO version even when PS3 FW version is the same

01.16.14 -

* Added: New display mode (8x4) with support for 32 titles on screen
* Added: Navigation with LEFT and RIGHT analogue sticks in game modes
* Added: Installed homebrew apps with RELOAD.SELF can be launched via multiMAN
* Added: PIC0.PNG+PIC1.PNG overlay when creating cached images (clear cache to get it)
* Added: Abort "Setting access permission" by pressing [O] or [^]
* Added: Support for condorstrike's helpMME help application from within file manager (press [X] over the HELP button)
* Added: Skip initial scan when multiMAN is spawned by its RELOAD.SELF
* Added: SBOX.PNG image for themes (supports shadows, covers, docks) for 8x4 display mode
* Added: Multiple files OR folders copy/delete/move in file manager (select with [SELECT] button)
* Added: Up/Down can move and scroll through pages in File Manager mode
* Added: new option in options.ini: [scan_for_apps] to scan for RELOAD.SELF compatible apps
* Added: No initial scanning for games (loading much faster)
* Added: Filemanager left/right panes are restored on multiMAN start
* Added: AUR5.JPG image used for 8x4 display mode
* Added: Restore sound/MP3 volume on restart
* Added: Restore mouse pointer position on restart
* Added: Restore left and right panes in file manager on restart
* Fixed: Bug when output resolution is 576p/720p
* Changed: Spoofed firmware detected by CRC check of dev_flash files
* Changed: Better copy/backup progress indication (even for games with very large number of files)

01.16.15 -

* Added support to launch video files from file manager by spawning Showtime player
* Special version of Showtime player required to handle video playback from multiMAN
* Added CBOX2/GBOX2.PNG for themes with full alpha transparency
* Fixed issues when launching games on WN/WT firmwares
* Fixed rare issue with select+x games from USB HDD with too long path names
* Fixed rare issue with progress bar not updating during copy/backup
* Improved initial scan (no scanning for games when not needed)
* Improved 4x2 and 8x2 display modes visualisation

01.17.00 -

* Added: New sub-menu to set game specific options (press R1)
* Added: Latest version of Showtime by andoma and helpMME by condorstrike
* Added: Support for 5 user fonts (change with SELECT+R3)
* Added: Custom font for Showtime in fonts/system/showtime.ttf
* Added: Showtime with support for Windows-1251 codepage for Cyrillic SRT subtitles
* Numerous fixes, improvements and additions

01.17.01/02 -

* Interface update
* Simplified and cleaner look
* Slick and professional feel
* Link XMB VIDEO files to Showtime option in "System Menu"
* Launch Showtime option in "System Menu"
* Game options: press SQUARE
* System menu: press TRIANGLE
* Updated version of SHOWTIME MEDIA PLAYER (codepages Windows-1250 and 1251)
* "Favorites" menu in next version
* Themes must be updated to reflect latest changes
* More options added in COLOR.INI for theme creators
* user_font added in COLOR.INI for theme creators
* game_bg_overlay added in COLOR.INI
* "Cover not available" cover in some display modes
* "[O] Save" in submenu changed to "[O] Back"
* Updated the "Original theme" to reflect the recent changes
* Changes to the Game Options sub-menu
- support for PNG covers
- display of game version and ps3 firmware required in title name
* Changes in File manager
- TRIANGLE - one directory up
- UP+R2 - to top of list
- DOWN+R2 - to bottom of list
* Support for REBUG firmwares (properly working BD mirror function)

01.17.03/04 -

* Initial public release of XMMB display mode (XMB clone)
* Favorites column in XMMB mode
* Playback of video files from VIDEO column in XMMB mode
* Playback of audio files from MUSIC column in XMMB mode
* Stability improvements

02.00.00 -

* Fully working XMMB display mode (XMB clone)
* Editable options in "Settings" column of XMMB mode
* Game Covers and Game Poster in XMMB Game column
* Improved XMMB scrolling, speed and reliability
* "Themes" option in "multiMAN/Home" XMMB column
* Changed options/options_default.ini
* Direct Boot method changed
* SELECT+X auto-sets BD-Mirror option and is remembered
* A lot of other stuff

02.00.01 -

XMMB mode:
* Game poster/background loads/shows 2x faster now
* Game poster is crisp and unaltered
* All texts in XMMB are smooth and easy to read with bright backgrounds
* All texts got small shadow to improve visibility
* Favorites column shows game icons
* Fave star applied to game icons in Favorites column
* Clock and column title more visible and better looking
* Cover overlay image (GLC.PNG) applied to cover in XMMB mode, too
* Added image background for theme selection (10x to condor) (pop up can be moved with analogue sticks)
* Fixed: time/date format changes immediately (not after 30 seconds)
* Fixed 'favorites' column (showing stuff when no faves selected)
* Added option in SETTINGS column to disable "Theme Audio"
* "Title Details" option in SETTINGS column to change 4x2, 8x4, cover flow and Box-art modes (title/+id/+title count/none)
* Fixed Mouse X/Y deadzone setting
* Fixed PHOTO column populates properly from USB storage (/PICTURE folder)
* Changed: "Verifying USB Games" option: [Always/Auto/Never]
* Added new function in SETTINGS column "Clean Game Cache"
* Added selection list menu to clear Game Data for specific Game
* Favorites selection remembered when going out of game-settings submenu
* Added support for SDHC/MemoryStick/CompactFlash storage for MUSIC/PHOTO/VIDEO columns in XMMB mode
* Added: SDHC, CF and MS icons in PHOTO/VIDEO/MUSIC XMMB mode
* Added: multiple strategies for mounting titles using all available methods

* Changed: options are saved on exit (not each time you change a setting in SETTINGS column)
* Changed boot procedure (EBOOT.BIN is just 50KB and it launches main multiMAN app RELOAD.SELF)
* "Mouse X/Y deadzone" can go up to 90%
* "Dim titles" setting can go up to 10 seconds
* Changed top-menu in File Manager
* Fixed "DIRECT BOOT" from external USB HDD
* Changed: "Overscan" application (much better than before)
* All texts in FileMan mode look better now
* Added support for SND0.AT3 in themes
* Added option BD-Emulator (to switch between Standard (syscall36) / Hermes (syscall8) / None)
* Added support for MFW 3.41 (BD-Emulator option: Hermes (syscall8)
* Added support for playing games with split big files from USB HDD (up to 10 BIG 4+GB files supported):
* - Caching split files to internal HDD for unlimited number of titles
* - Playing games with split files works with "Direct Boot" and "BD Mirror" options, too.
* - Launching games with split files works from Disc Icon and /app_home
* Added new option in "Game Settings" submenu: "Ext Game Data" (install game data on external USB)
* Fixed: garbled screen in File Manager when Help/About selected while coming from another display mode
* Fixed: changing current game for game modes while browsing XMMB display mode
* Removed: sparks/stars from slide-coverflow mode
* File Manager top menu text color is defined by COLOR.INI FMFILE setting
* Added: Vertical alignment for title/title+id in some modes when "Title Details" option requires it

* Special thanks for helping with extensive tests: GoTiT4FrE
* Special thanks for testing and bug reports: condorstrike, B6S, S4BRE, bitsbubba
* Thanks to Hermes (again) for SC8
* Thanks to Z0ner for helping n00bs
* Thanks to multiBOT for the lovely IA brought in by its creators

02.00.02 -

* Fixed: handling of themes_dir and covers_dir options in options.ini (broken in .01)
* Fixed: handling of NETHOST definitions in options.ini (broken in .01)
* Changed: Remember user font selection on exit (prevents reverting to theme font at each startup)

File Manager related:
* Added: Context menu in File Manager (similar to right-click) with CIRCLE button (all other shortcuts are removed)
* Changed: Removed File Manager from mode list (L1/R1 skips it)
* Changed: File size in File Manager shown with 2 decimal precision
* Added: "File Manager Access" option in SETTINGS XMMB column - PIN protected - to disable FileManager mode
* Changed: Key to select multiple files/folders: [SQUARE] (was [select])
* Left pane shows up to 60 characters and right up to 55 for file/folder names (was 26/22)

XMMB related:
* Added: "Poster and Cover Alteration" option in XMMB Settings column
* Added: "Button Assignment" option in XMMB Settings column
* Added: Current selection in Settings column remembered
* Fixed: Applying themes now changes text colors immediately in XMMB mode (clock, option names, game column title)

* Added: Video thumbnails for XMMB VIDEO column (3264x3264 max res):
- for external (non-XMB) video files: Example:
--- movie name: my_video.avi
--- thumbnail : my_video.avi.jpg, my_video.avi.JPG, my_video.jpg, my_video.JPG
- for internal (XMB) videos - .STH thumbnail generated by the PS3 is used

* Added thumbnail support for AVCHD, BDMV and DVD video structures (POSTER.JPG, COVER.JPG)
* Added thumbnail support for AVCHD, BDMV (multiAVCHD compatible /HDAVCTN/BDMT_O1.jpg, /BDMV/META/DL/HDAVCTN_O1.jpg)
* Added thumbnail support for PHOTO column (for JPEG images with resolution up to 3264x3264)
* Added: Last game selection is remembered in XMMB mode after restart and after switching to other display modes
* Improved: No more reloading of XMMB columns each time you leave/enter XMMB mode or game/system submenu
* Changed: Scanning for content while in XMMB doesn't show the ugly "Scanning..." screen
* Removed: File extensions for known media files in MUSIC/PHOTO/VIDEO XMMB columns
* Added: Download Themes application in WEB XMMB column (thanks to S4BRE and condorstrike for hosting)
* Added: Visit multiMAN forum link in WEB XMMB column
* Graphics fixed: Downloading files via web browser while in XMMB mode
* New option in options.ini/options_default.ini: themes_web_dir (to store downloaded themes)
# Option: Directory to store downloaded multiMAN themes

* Visualization improvement (good news for users with 720p/576p/480p TVs, too): 
* No more jagged edges of the textures (ICONS) during enlargement/shrinking
* 576p looks good now, not to speak of 720p
* Smoothing also applied to OVERSCAN modes
* Added: Support for srt/ssa/ass subtitles when caching video for Showtime from NTFS drive
* Removed: AC3 playback from file manager
* Optimized memory management (90MB free during mM operation)
* More optimizations: multiMAN executable (RELOAD.SELF) size down to 496KB

02.00.03 -

* Fixed: Launching games with cached files right after they're cached
* Fixed: GAMEI folder won't appear on USB unless "Ext Game Data" option is used
* Fixed: Double entries in VIDEO column when thumbnail is named for example video.avi.jpg and not video.jpg
* Improved: Scrolling left/right in XMMB mode (faster and won't load columns)
* Improved: Scrolling up/down. Scroll will pause for ~1 second before looping.
* Added: Option "Hide BD-ROM disc from game list" in XMMB Settings
* Added: L2/R2 switch pages in 4x2 and 8x4 game list modes
* Added: "Save Screenshot" option in PS3 XMB Photo column to capture multiMAN screens in PNG (multiMAN Screenshots album) (10x to squarepusher2 for the hint)
* Improved: multiMAN will return from emulators and showtime much faster (~1-2 seconds boot screen)
* Improved: Last XMMB column and selection/entry restored upon restart/respawn
* Improved: JPG and PNG loading and decoding is performed faster (via SPU with fallback to PPU when header-decoding fails)
* Added: "Retro" column for emulators (WIP)
* Added: "Genre" option in "Game Settings" submenu to select categories for albums/grouping
* (WIP) Added: Support for latest SNES9x port for PS3
* (WIP) Added: Support for SNES9x ROMS: SMC/smc, FIG/fig, SFC/sfc, GD3/gd3, GD7/gd7, DX2/dx2, BSX/bsx, SWC/swc, JMA/jma
* (WIP) Added: New options in options.ini: 
* Added: Support for playing music/playlists from PS3 XMB Music column (thanks to squarepusher2)
* Improved: TVs with 480p/576p resolution will show XMMB and slide-coverflow modes a bit better

* Improved: Added threaded processing for photo/music/video/game/favorites/retro columns
* Improved: Added threaded processing for loading jpg/png images in XMMB mode

* SNES9x:
- Fixed PS3 reset when exiting with {PS} button
- Fixed returning to XMB
- Fixed returning to multiMAN

* multiMAN:
- Greatly improved loading of all columns in XMMB mode
- Progress icons added in the top right corner (next to the clock)

02.00.04 -

* Added: Threaded processing for various tasks (downloading covers, scanning, etc) (no more GUI interruptions)
* Added: XMMB mode will invoke download of missing covers, too
* Added: Support for Genesis+ GX retro emulator (port by squarepusher2)
* Added: Support for FCEUltra (NES/ULTRA) PS3 retro emulator (port by squarepusher2)
* Added: Support for VBA PS3 retro emulator (GameBoy/GameBoy Advanced)
* Added: Support for PNG covers for Retro column (408x408 max resolution) (408x180 for best results)
* Added: L2+R2 will turn on screensaver mode (or put the PAD on a table/coach/sofa and press it down gently)
* Added: Caching of the whole XMMB mode
* Improved: XMMB Photo column display and navigation (no more image buffers release when full - a lot seamless now)
* Improved: Navigation in XMMB is completely rewritten - now smooth and faster than original PS3 XMB
* Improved: Increased image buffers (50 icons/covers) in XMMB (30 in prev versions)
* Added: Unfolding effect up/down while loading XMMB columns
* Added: Indication in XMMB mode when FTP service is used or background download is active
* Added: Warning prompt when user leaves multiMAN with active FTP connections
* Added: Screensaver Timeout option in XMMB Settings column (1-10 mins)
* Added: Link to GBATemp website with Online User Manual by Cyan in XMMB WEB column
* Added: FF/REW for Picture Viewer in XMMB mode (holding left/right or L1/R1)
* Added: Support for 2048 entries per XMMB column
* Added: Virtual memory used for certain tasks (like mp3 playback) to save real memory
* Added: Asynchronous loading of MP3 files for playback
* Added: A bit more memory allocated to web browser and release memory after browser closes
* Added: MP3 playlist support for 1024 entries (was 128)

02.00.05 -

* Changed: Coverflow mode completely rewritten to use XMMB engine
* Changed: Coverflow shows covers in perspective
* Changed: Better memory management
* Changed: XMMB display mode visualization
* Changed: Caching only of Photo, Music and Retro XMMB columns with their actual size (faster boot and exit/restart) (16MB HDD space freed)
* Added: Option in XMMB Settings column "XMMB Game Icon Swap" to select mode for covers/icons for Game column
* Added: Options in XMMB Settings column "Key Repeat Delay" and "Key Repeat Speed"
* Added: Launch .zip ROMs from File Manager (from emulator folders or dev_hdd0 or dev_usb00* ./ROMS/[emulator])
* Added: Support for FBA Next emulator (port mods by squarepusher2)
* Fixed: PPU crashreport about MultiStream on exit (thanks to an0nymous for the backtrace log)
* Fixed: Minor issues when applying themes
* Fixed: Minor issues/garbage with boot screen on rare occasions
* Removed: Use of virtual memory

MP3/Audio related:
* Changed: MP3 playback requires 384KB of RAM (was 24MB before) and now MP3 file size is unlimited (4MB ram freed)
* Added: Fade-in / fade-out for mp3 playback
* Added: Indication of which mp3 title is currently playing/paused in XMMB mode
* Added: multiMAN mp3 playback will pause if you play music from PS3 XMB Music column
Extended support for BD Remote Controller:
* BD Remote: [ENTER] and [PLAY] keys will act as [X] (much easier to navigate)
* BD Remote: [PAUSE] will pause music playback
* BD Remote: [PREV]/[NEXT] will skip to previous/next audio track
* BD Remote: [STOP] will stop music playback

02.01.00 -

* Grouping by Genre for Game/Favorite Columns (SQUARE)
* Grouping by Emulator Type for Retro column (SQUARE)
* Grouping by title name (alphabetically) for Music (SQUARE), Game, Favorites, Retro columns (SELECT+SQUARE)
* Info pop-up during music playback
* Removed duplicate entries (by name) in Photo and Music XMMB columns
* BD Remote: [SLOW<<]/[SLOW>>] will change playback volume
* BD Remote: [BLUE] will switch to File Manager and back
* BD Remote: [GREEN] will turn on the Screensaver
* SELECT+START will switch to File Manager and back

* multiMAN EMULATOR PACK (SNES GENP VBA FBA FCEU) (20110611).rar (27.83 MB) -->
* >>> multiMAN source publicly available here: <<<

02.02.00 -

* Added: Multilingual Support (22 languages)
* Changed: 2304 entries per XMMB column
* Added: Caching of XMMB Video column to speed up boot process
* Added: MP3 pop-up info box in XMMB and File Manager
* Added: "Motion Sensor" setting in XMMB SETTINGS column
* Added: Motion sensitivity (waving left/right the dualshock controller changes display modes)
* Added: Debug mode (hold L2+R2 during boot). It will allow downloading official update, even if you're on the same version.
* Fixed: Issues with coverflow display mode
* Fixed: Lock when too many AVCHD or Video titles present
* Fixed: Retro column not sorted after returning from emulator
* Changed: Behavior of "Refresh" buttons in XMMB multiMAN column and "System Settings" menu

02.03.00 - 

* Changed Font properties/functions for all modes
* Max number of games+AVCHD in game modes 960(was 640)
* Max number of entries per XMMB column 3200
* Changed character limit for XMMB Settings column [selected option] to 36 (was 32 - now German/French fit)
* Moved [selected option] to the far right
* Freed more than 20MB of RAM :) (and reallocated some of it to increase max number of games/xmmb entries)
* This update should fix "Not enough memory for web browser" which some users experienced. If it doesn't - use the Original Theme.
* Added check for downloaded multiMAN updates (to avoid installing broken/incomplete PKG files)
* Added check for downloaded covers (to avoid accepting broken/incomplete downloaded files)
* Command menu in File manager changed a bit
* Legend in most display modes will use current localization setting
* Pad vibration added as warning for "Delete" game/folder prompts
* Included all languages (with latest versions posted by translators)
* Added back Dutch
* Added back Portuguese BR
* Added back Arabian

02.04.00 - 

* Added: Display of embedded JPEG images in MP3 files for XMMB Music column
* Added: Pulsing of selected entry/title in XMMB display mode
* Added: Czech, Hungarian, Catalan, Galician and Indonesian languages
* Added: Other various tweaks and changes
* multiMAN LOGO Contest Winner: TheForce
* Cover server updated with latest 2644 game covers
* Changed "Download Themes" server back to my primary one

02.05.00 -

* Added: SIDE menu in XMMB mode to access various functions (access the menu with [TRIANGLE])
* Added: SIDE menu option for XMMB Settings column to switch between ADVANCED and STANDARD settings
* Added: SIDE menu function "UPDATE" Showtime in XMMB Video column when "Start Showtime" is selected
* Added: SIDE menu function "UPDATE" in XMMB RETRO column to check/download EMULATOR updates by squarepusher2
* Added: Option in XMMB Settings to change SIDE menu background color
* Changed: UPDATE function in GAME SETTINGS menu will not download updates for higher than your current PS3 firmware version
* Changed: UPDATE function in GAME SETTINGS can now check/download updates for SNES/FCEU/VBA/FBA/GEN+ Emulators by squarepusher2
* Changed: All options in the XMMB Settings column are now selectable via the SIDE menu (much like in the regular XMB mode)
* Added: Option in XMMB Settings column: [Write access to /dev_flash via /dev_blind]
* Added: Permissions check upon loading a title
* Added: VP6 and 3GP file extensions to recognizable video formats
* Added: Support for browsing USB devices and Internal HDD in XMMB Photo, Music, Video and Retro columns
* Added: Larger icons when browsing devices in XMMB mode
* Added: Indication in "browse mode" when playing music (a note sign will appear next to Device or Folder icon)

02.06.00 -

* Added: Support for 7 connected controllers to be used simultaneously
* Added: Animation/slide effect when browsing USB/PS3HDD devices in XMMB mode
* Added: BD Remote controller buttons: YELLOW BUTTON = Restart, RED BUTTON = QUIT
* Added: Experimental motion/movie background support: If wave.divx is present in multiMAN's USRDIR folder you can enable motion background with SELECT+TRIANGLE.
* Added: REFRESH option in SIDE menu for photo/music/video/retro columns when USB/PS3HDD entries are selected
* Added: Quit and Restart options in SIDE menu for Settings column
* Added: Quick access options in SIDE menu for XMMB Game and Favorites columns
* Added: A small touch to the SIDE menu: it will ZOOM in the current entry much like the real XMB
* Added: Increasing/Decreasing MP3 playback volume will make the pop-up box display in the lower left corner (thanks to chitalov for the reminder)
* Added: If multiMAN is started via Remote Play, TV Overscan will be automatically set to 10%
* Changed: Color labels when selecting the color for the SIDE menu
* Changed: Browsing USB devices in XMMB will behave like real XMB (i.e. will first open /VIDEO or /MUSIC or /PICTURE folders to look for content)
* Changed: If non-English GUI language is selected in conjunction with User Font, proper User Font will be restored after restart
* Fixed: Setting wallpaper after PNG file was used as wallpaper
* Fixed: Sorting order in XMMB for PS3 HDD and USB device icons.
* Fixed: MP3 playback (when sometimes audio plays in wrong frequency)
* Fixed: Freezing in coverflow when fast-browsing over 100 titles
* Performance check: multiMAN does ~122fps @ 1920x1080p 59.94Hz

02.07.00 -

* Added: "Background Appearance" option in XMMB Settings to switch image/video background for XMMB and Coverflow modes
* Added: Screensaver will display the motion background if enabled
* Added: Option to select 9 different motion backgrounds wave.divx, wave2.divx... wave9.divx (restart may be required)
* Added: Support for REBUG CFW 3.41.3
* Added: Support for Cobra content folders: PSXISO, PS2ISO, PS3ISO, DVDISO and BDISO (WIP)
* Added: System Auto-Off in settings column (60/120/240/360 min - 1/2/3/4 hours)
* Added: Restart System and Shutdown System in Home/multiMAN column
* Changed: When motion background is activated, multiMAN will stay in 5.1 audio mode when possible
* Changed: Default display timing set to VSYNC = no tear (VSYNC/HSYNC modes can be switched with SELECT+SQUARE)
* Changed: SIDE menu will 8x zoom current entry icon (in VSYNC mode)
* Changed: Implemented OpenPS3FTP by jjolano and removed the old buggy FTP server (faster transfer speeds and no path/file length limitations). Login: anonymous | Password: <anything>
* Fixed: All issues in coverflow mode (lock or motion video bg stop/break)
* Fixed: "Key Repeat Delay" option

* Added: LV2 access rights to use LV1 Storage Manager (syscall 864)
* Added: LV1 patch for user access to sys_storage functions (syscalls 600 to 623)

* The above two for regular users mean:

* Thanks to graf_chokolo and the SACD-Ripper guys!

* -> Access to all types of optical discs inside multiMAN (file/folder mode):
* -> Copy/Backup of Blu-ray Movie Discs (decryption may be required on PC) (previously possible only via OtherOS)
* -> Copy/Backup of DVD-Video discs (decryption may be required on PC)
* -> Copy/Backup of PSX and Playstation 2 Discs
* -> Access to AACS\MKB_RO.inf on a Blu-ray movie disc to restore lost DRL1/DRL2
* -> Direct playback of movies/music (avi, mkv, etc) from BD-R/BD-RE/DVD-R/DVD-RW via Showtime for multiMAN
* -> Transfer speed average: 9MB/s (44GB Blu-ray disc movie transfers in ~90 min)

02.08.00 -

* Added: "Create ISO" option in SIDE menu when BD/DVD is selected in VIDEO column or PLAYSTATION/PLAYSTATION2 is selected in Game column
* Added: "Create ISO" option in File Manager's context menu when /dev_bdvd is selected
* Added: Creating ISO files bigger than 4GB to USB HDD will result in splitting in segments .iso.0, .iso.1 ... .iso.31
* Added: Advanced option in XMMB Settings: "Expand Contents of XMMB media columns"
* Added: SD/SDHC, CF and MS/MSPRO devices to Photo/Music/Video columns
* Added: Standalone Web-Browser application with FTP (BROWSER.SELF) to avoid all memory issues
* Added: Support for launching PSX games from CD-R discs (XMMB Game Column and other display modes)
* Added: Launching directly ps1_emu.self or ps1_netemu.self from file manager will make multiMAN assign your Memory Cards properly, too
* Added: Options to set preferred Video Mode for PAL and NTSC PSX titles (default/480/576/720/1080)
* Added: peeklv1 and pokelv1 commands to control console
* Added: String printout for peekl and peeklv1 control console commands
* Added: Prompt to dump Hypervisor/LV1 after creating GameOS/LV1 memory dump
* Changed: Improved the looks of the old debug font, used in some dialogs and file manager
* Changed: multiMAN starts faster now
* Fixed: Unnecessary auto-refresh/scan for content on each startup
* Fixed: Browsing for ROMS in ZIP format

02.09.00 -

* Improved performance in XMMB display mode
* Backup from PS3 game discs now works as it should
* You can still launch PSX games from XMMB Game Column
* You can still launch PS3 game backups from DVD-R/RW / BD-R/RE
* You cannot create ISO backups or access non-genuine PS3 game discs (unless Direct Disc Access is enabled)
* You will see an animated icon in XMMB Game column, which you can use to launch your PSX backups.
* To keep the same functionality as before you can turn on "Direct Disc Access" from XMMB Settings column.
>>> Press [TRIANGLE] -> Enable Direct Disc Access
>>> When in Direct Disc Access mode you can rip BD movie discs, launch games, but you can't create backups of PS3 Game Discs.
>>> Do not use "Direct Disc Access Mode" unless you really need it.