Better strategy for waiting on UPNP devices to show up when browsing
?Allow playback of videoparams:-ish URLs directly
prop: Add an option that allows a string property only to be set if previously unset
(debug) log when user switches track (audio or subs)
Add htsmsg_json_serialize_to_str()
upnp: Use videoparams:{** when launching video to get correct title
Remove #include (itís unused)
?glw: Fix misrouted event signals
glw: Make glw_math_sse.h compile with -O0
ps3: Fix video bitrate calculation when using SPU decoder
Fix bitmapped subtitle formats on bigendian systems. Ticket #433
Fix scanning of SRT subtitles Ticket #408
glw: Remove sizeBias attribute
?fa_bundle: Must advance file pos after read
Rework font rendering
ps3: Preload system fonts
More stringent UTF-8 parser
?subtitles: Autodetect encoding of SRT files