Most of this should work except for playback of high res. HD videos (basically when the PPU runs out of cycles). There are some methods of fixing them, but no one knows yet. I will update it when they do.

Video output
This has been tested with 576i, 720p and 1080i video resolutions.

People have tried to set reasonable defaults for overscan compensation. But if it not correct for you it can be adjusted under Settings -> Display and UI settings

Buttons on controller (Controls)
? Enter current item
? Go back (exit)
? Show options / playcontrol menu
? Screensaver (Until something better has been figured out)
? Play/Pause
? Home menu
? Navigate it
L3  Get playback info (During video playback)
R3  Get log console

-The only current way to input characters is by using a standard keyboard.

- Virtual keyboards are supported at the moment.

Things that do NOT work

-TV-style remote controller has not been tested. No idea if it works or not.

-BD/DVD/CD Discs  No idea how that works

-Digital pass thru audio (AC3, DTS, etc)

See some pesky bugs?
Please let them know

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