About devkitPRO-Addons:

This project aims to create a set of addons for devkitPRO, to be released in an installer application for windows and possibly linux later. more…

A customized install of mingw right inside the devkitpro folder and preconfigured, for compiling or cross compiling in new toolchains or tools.

DevkitPS3 comprising of :
PPU toolchain
SPU toolchain
PPU Extended Libraries
SPU Extended Libraries
These compnents are based on on shakgur’s toolchain script which was refined from ooPo’s ps3toolchain, shagkur’s psl1ght-v2 derived form psl1ght and my extension and adaptation of ooPo’s ps3libraries.

 [01:08] its a devkit with psl1ghtv2, using an installer on windows
[01:08] psl1ght-v2 we are still working to port some things
[01:09] but the rest is rock solid
[01:10] ps3gui (port of libwiigui), a proper lv2 patcher, ps3flow etc.
[01:10] maybe some adding of sprx plugins ^
[01:10] like the custom prx on psp did
[01:11] http://pastie.org/private/mpzijpn5eiy9thffgyfw6q
[01:12] pune has libwiigui completely ported to ps3
[01:13] http://wiibrew.org/wiki/WiiXplorer
[01:13] the gui can look like that
[01:14] he has it functional, im sure he is buttoning things up
[01:14] he wrote a connect4 game that shows it off
 [01:21] they will just have to set $PS3DEV and $PSL1GHT because we dont use those variables, but old psl1ght does
[01:22] heh i put alot of work into getting git to be proper on windows
[01:22] they should remove all mingw and msysgit or w/e too
[01:26] also, if you browse into a git repo it will show what branch ur on
[01:26] (requires one shell restart before it works)
 [01:27] bleh everything git just works xD