* Core - updated fm.c fmopl.c with to match latest mame.
* PS3 - added triple buffer option (check options to toggle). Triple buffering
will be stored in xml

* A much faster graphics driver - try CPS3 and CPS2 games and feel and see the difference in terms of speed. Most of the input lag noticed by experienced arcade players should be mostly gone now.
* Triple-buffering is hardforced to be enabled by default - together with the new graphics driver makes the framerate very fast.
* Sysutil OSD is used for some parts of the In-Game menu, such as saving a savestate, saving a button preset, or generating a clrmame.dat file, and so on.

Changelog for custom r423:
* New input code
* HD shaders  as with SNES9x PS3, 4xSoft-HD looks the best

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