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  /   ____/\____  \  __(__  < /         \ /   __)\   \/\/   /
 /   /     /       \/        \   /\/\    Y   /    \        /
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                                   PS3MFW Builder v0.1


For years, the security system of PS3 remained unbreached because Sony had a
very good defense mechanism: Consumers could use it for more than just gaming
by installing Linux via the “Other OS” feature. Therefore there was little
motivation for security researchers to investigate the PS3. However, then Sony
(or SCE, SCEA, SCEE or whatever, we aren’t exactly sure what is going on there
anymore) made an unprecedented move: Not only did they introduce a new PS3
model that no longer allowed the installation of an Other OS, but with a
firmware “upgrade” they removed it from previously sold consoles.
While removing advertised features from a product (several years after its
purchase!) is blatantly unlawful, having highly paid lawyers apparently allows
you to get away with it- in a legal sense.

But when the law fails to protect the people, then some of those people, being
clever and resourceful, help themselves. And that is what happened here. Sony
sunk its own battleship.

PS3MFW is the next step in the process of returning to consumers control over
their own hardware. Your PS3 belongs to you. You didn’t lease it, and you
signed no contract when you purchased it. It is your right to use it however
you choose. It is your responsibility to do so within the legal boundaries.

PS3MFW allows you to tailor your PS3's firmware to your specific needs, giving
you a level of control you previously lacked. PS3MFW is open source. That
means it is completely transparent, and anyone with the necessary programming
knowledge can help to improve it and create new plugin tasks.

It is with great pleasure and joy that we are now able to present you with the
first public release of PS3MFW Builder. A lot of hard work went into this
during the past five weeks, by some incredibly dedicated and inspired people.
We would like to thank everyone who contributed, the people who got this
project underway, and those who did all the programming and testing.

PS3MFW Builder v0.1 has been successfully tested on all major PS3 hardware
revisions, and in conjunction with OFW 3.10 – 3.55. It is NOT compatible with
OFW 3.56.

Remember that this is only the very first release of PS3MFW Builder, version
0.1. With your support and feedback, we intend to create the definitive PS3
firmware solution that makes all other closed-source custom firmwares obsolete.

PS3MFW Builder is not distributed with any program code copyrighted by third

KevinButler, you sunk your own battleship.


To use PS3MFW Builder, the following is needed:

-The latest version of the f0 tools

-Tcl/Tk 8.5 ( http://www.tcl.tk/software/tcltk/8.5.tml )