What you need:
Vulnerable Kernel: versions 4532 and 4548
Xbox360 Dvd drive with patched firmware.
The new shader: released in the shaderform(loadfromdvd.bin) 
Xorloser tools: kkpatcher.
Kingkong Game (first 1)
XELL-Bootloader-sda2-v2.6.21.1.iso (maybe there will be another one by the time this guide is posted...)

First backup your KingKong game with XBC, we'll name it KingKong.iso

After that we use the kkpatcher to patch our newly formed shader into the KingKing.iso(in dos):
kkpatcher kingkong.iso loadfromdvd.bin

You will see successful or something..

Hex Editing the xell boot loader sda2:
now start winhex, make sure you have more than 7,5 gb free on your C drive (winhex makes a tempfile..)
open KingKong.iso then open XELL-bootloader-sda2-v2.6.21.1.iso.

go to XELL-bootloader-sda2-v2.6.21.1.iso, control+a (select all), then Control+c (right click:edit->copy block->Normally).
Now go to KingKong.iso !!VERY IMPORTANT DON'T CONTROL+V!! First go to address 0 (alt+G). 
Now go to Edit->Clipboard Data->WRITE.
Now go to file save just to be sure..
Burn with XBC and your done..

Just to be clear I maybe went through the motions but Ssmurf did all the hard work.. for which Iím grateful no more getting up to change the disc! ;)

has been tested on a xbox360 with a Samsung & Hitachi 47DJ with older xtreme versions. But seeing as you won't go on live anymore..

Kudo's to Ssmurf, tmbinc.. and all who I forgot..