This version installs IXtreme 1.2 rev 2 by C4E, It does not need nothing else. This pack not have any firmware, only patch drive firmware and convert to firmware ixtreme firmware or restore to original Firmware.


 - Autodetection drive (only without spoofing drives)
 - Spoofing and restore Model drives.
 - Change Keydrive (Only anothers firmware hitachi 3X, 4X, 5X)
 - Selection to restore cheksum data.

Scripts  uses “subroutines” that are not needed to repeat for each version of the reader nor of firmware. This allows to adapt the code very easily.


Unzip in c:\ and execute file Hack360Hitachi.exe file to detect the hitachi unit drive and initiates the main menu.
Hack360 hitachi creates a folder “Firm0X automatically” whenever it is necessary not to have to erase and rewrite previous processes.

- Thanks to Maximus|Garyopa|C4E for firmwares.
- Thanks to Seventhson for the application flashsec and memdump.
- Thanks to Loser for firmcrypt.
- Thanks to Xisko, KaWeNGoD, etc. that have collaborated in keygen.
- Thanks to DarkDudae for autodeteccion of the hitachidrive.
- Thanks to wasin & NiLbReTh to translation.