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                "Business in the front, party in the back!"
  ۲           -OEP                       RELEASED ON 01/03/2007

    ٳ  ۱۱۱۱۱۱

Welcome to another exciting installment of XDVDMulleter!                          

Whats new:

Whole lot of new iso loading options, now you can load from pretty much
any source I could think of.

New sector reading dvd mode, so you can read from dvdrs with video on 
them Note: My pioneer reads VERY slow in this mode, whilst my Lite-on 
reads faster than normal.

WXRipper style hotswapping for reading from retail discs

Further iso optimisation.. movies (.bik, .wmv, .sfd) moved to start of 
disc (any ideas on how to do more optimisation automatically would be 

Rudimentary shrinking support (Very, very minimal. only removes 
dashupdate.xbe, default_orig.xbe, default.bak files and the demomovies 
folder.. but this should be enough for you to back up an original halo 
2 at least :)

Added support for building qwix style doubly optimised ISOS
Note: will break original layout (files keep same order but different 
position, folders are moved to start of filesystem)

Whats improved:

Added check for UnleashX downloads so you can leave boost mode enabled at 
all times now

Added Output ISO summary on last page

Mulleter now loops back to start page on completion of a task

Simple ISO create menu removed, Rebuild ISO contains all previous 
functionality from there

Now displays summary before ISO creation so you can check details

Now checks if you try to make an iso from a folder without a default.xbe 
or default.xex file

DVD9 Optimisation: movie files on second layer, and if that doesnt make 
enough space, the biggest files are moved until there is, both layers 
padded to outside of disk

PFI, DMI, SS are all checked not just for existing but also for correct 
format on 360 isos now. DMI isnt checked on xbox 1 (cause i cant work 
out what to look for)

Added an add video option (Was already possible before, but now you 
can do it from a button instead of rebuilding)

And What is fixed:

Extract data partition, video partition, split iso is all now threaded 
properly (I forgot i didnt do it to begin with, and never testesd it 

Fixed stupid PFI writing mistake (wrote it in wrong place)
Fixed stupid DMI writing mistake too

Loading a layout will place all files not in the layout before it in 
the ISO (before, it would get its position from the original iso, even 
if that meant messing up the file order)


Bug reports, suggestions, ideas are all welcome. Find me on xbox-scene
forums, or #fw on efnet, just dont expect a quick fix, or maybe not a 
fix at all :)

Expect a few more releases before i get mulleter to where i want it 
to be, then a non beta version and source code release

Things most likely to come: 

Multi game discs , much better shrinking, removal + crosslinking of 
unused languages, movie resizing, advanced iso creation, batch ftp 
extraction + unraring
Integral boost mode ftp client. 
I would add support for extraction from retail discs via kreon/xbox 360 
drives, but i dont have either, so if anyone would like to attempt this, 
let me know. (SPTI is all implemented already)

As always, XDVDMulleter is BETA software, its mostly untested, and might
not work. If it doesnt work, please let me know, or theres no chance of
a fix :P

XDVDMulleter dvd creation is completely revamped in this version to allow
for fixed position unmovable files, which should hopefully help when 
someone works out xbox360 disc format. It shouldnt make an obvious 
difference, but there is the possibility it introduced bugs that wernt in
the previous versions...

۱۱۱۱۳        ۱
                                   Ĵ Ĵ    

Greets to brain, fritoking, Gdogg24, n8, NexDeCi, OEP, pandm, ramp, red,
 VinnyP, zylon, Iriez & xbins, k|dman, (phew), Aisy, and anyone 
i might have forgotten.

Its like an overly long oscar speech this. Get mulleting!


	   	     And may the sheep be with you...