Whats New?                                                         10.02.2006

 - Game Graphics Pack, Menu Graphics Pack, and Sound Pack Support

 - Graphics in PNG format

 - Better menu system

 - Support for map browsing by thumbnails

 - New background/music system
	* Includes support for any number of arbitrarily-named BGs
	* Map makers may freely pick music categories in editor
	* Music can now be in MP3 format
	* Music packs for 1.6 will no longer work!  (But they can be upgraded)

 - Fully customizable controls, including joystick support

 - Game engine improved with support for carryable stuff

 - Support for Tournament Tours

 - Multiple A.I. difficulty settings

 - New interaction blocks
	* Blue throwable blocks
	* ON/OFF blocks and switches (4 colors)

 - Increased interaction block limit (shouldn't crash with too many bricks now)

 - Players now gradually slow down on ice (there is now a little friction)

 - 11 new items
	* Shells (4 types - green, red, spiny, and buzzy)
	* 2UP, 3UP, and 5UP mushrooms
	* MOd Block
	* Feather
	* Mystery Mushroom
	* Boomerang (includes three trajectory options - flat, SMB3, and Zelda)

 - Item switch which lets you change which items appear and at what frequencies

 - Bullet Bills are now color-coded and properly attribute kills
	* If two Bullet Bills of different colors collide, they explode
	* This can kill anyone, including the owners of the B.B.s
	* Bullet Bills can also now kill enemies in Stomp mode
	* If a player uses two B.B.s in succession, their effects now overlap

 - 3 new modes
	* Star
	* Capture The Flag
	* King Of The Hill

 - Goomba mode expanded into Stomp mode, which now includes Cheep-Cheeps and Koopas
	* Enemies in Stomp mode now also burn up by falling (just like players)

 - Fire Frenzy, Hammer, and Bob-Omb modes combined into Frenzy mode
	* Also includes 9 more cards
	* You can still configure it so that it plays like the old modes

 - Eggs in Yoshi's Eggs now have to be manually carried by players
	* Can kick eggs to Yoshi and still get the points

 - Jumping an already-owned player in Owned mode is now worth a 5-point bonus
	* Chicken kill bonus is also 5 points now
	* Tag death penalty also 5 points

 - Podoboos and Bowser Fireballs added to Survival mode

 - Most modes now have extended scoring options (i.e. you can set the goal higher)
	* Point-based modes still only go to 1000 but you can select by 50s now
	* As a result, 1UPs in point-based modes are now only worth 10 points

 - Free Play mode removed (replaced by infinite limit in all modes)

 - New configurable options available in most modes
	* Too many to list here - see Readme for more info

 - Random skin selection (pick a skin at random)

 - "Random" skin selection (pick a skin at random at the beginning of each game)

 - Skins are now alphabetized regardless of creator, like maps

 - New option to turn off the bonus wheel after a tournament

 - New option to clear currently stored powerups

 - Moving platforms in maps (and test function in editor)

 - Ability to filter maps based on several attributes and custom lists

 - Ability to browse maps by thumbs

 - Expanded and better-organized tileset

 - Ability to limit or increase frames per second

 - Respawn time now settable in half-seconds

 - Configurable off-screen arrow time and item respawn rate

 - Option to turn off warp locks

 - Option to put the crown on the leader in-game (not just on the HUD)

 - Lots of new projectile options (fireball life, shell life, etc.)

 - New race lap and game-start sounds

 - New chicken skin

 - POW and MOd now animated

 - Players are now animated on the team select screen

 - Skin names are displayed on the team select screen

 - "Ready" icon on team select screen

 - At the end of the game, losers are shown with their aerial death sprite

 - Pause button can now terminate the game when someone has won

 - Lots of extra eyecandy added to lots of things

 - Item no-spawn zones in editor (prevent coins, eggs, bases, etc. from spawning)

 - Can now choose tile type for each tile on the map in editor

 - Map screenshot option in editor

 - Default map eyecandy set to None (was clouds)

 - Tons of new maps and skins, and new and fixed BGs (thanks, forum regulars!)

 - Skin error checking (skins of the wrong size or color depth won't work now)

 - The game now detects no sound card and will default sound/music to off

 - There is now an option to change music tracks instead of looping one repeatedly

 - Spawning code greatly improved - players/items shouldn't spawn in blocks/walls now

 - Bugfixes
	When shielded, you can now kill Goombas &co and Bullet Bills
	B.B. kills now register as such with Souls spawn
	Fixed crash bug caused by one-off error in bonus wheel init
	Fixed escape-on-squish -> messed-up screen bug
	Fixed music bug when grabbing 1UP after end-of-game in Yoshi's Eggs mode
	Fixed music bug when winning while opponent has a star
	Dead corpses now fall through transparent ON/OFF and flip blocks
	Fixed bug that allowed players to move through flip blocks on edges of map
	Sprites going into warps now snap to the right place (no more sprite slicing)
	Invincibility and clock sounds no longer strictly time-based
	Invincible players no longer die when touching the sides of death tiles
	Fixed screen-off-center-after-crunch bug
	Fixed lost-with-more-than-0-when-grabbing-poison-and-life-shroom-at-once bug
	Players now receive multikill credit for killing 2+ opponents w/ POW/MOd
	Tag touch transfer now possible when shielded
	Pressing Down and Jump now makes you jump when not on a solid-on-top tile
	Lots of A.I. bugs fixed
	Some XBOX-related bugs fixed

 - Much-improved Readme

 - Various minor bugfixes and whatnot

 - And probably something else I forgot, because Two52 put in so much new stuff (yay)


 - Readme in HTML format

 - Tournament Mode

 - 6 new powerups
	Poison Mushroom
	Slowdown clock
	POW Block
	Bullet Bill Frenzy

 - Skins (and changed sprite structure for easier skin creation)
	Black Mage
	Classic Mario
	Monty Mole
	Pig (FF1)
	White Mage
	Dino Torch
	Buzzy Beetle

 - Background Music
	Customizable using config files in the music directory

 - Team Play

 - Warping pipes

 - 5 New Game Modes

 - Updated Game Modes
	Tag - now you can transfer the tag by touching other players

 - Added new options on menu
	Scoreboard placement
	Announcer voice
	Team kill (friendly fire)
	Team colors (players on same team get same color)
	Screen crunch
	Map over layer like chains and railings

 - Different options for cloud eye candy

 - Fixed top row collision problems

 - Fixed general collision detection problems where players would end up inside blocks
	Improved performance

 - New Maps (from 4matsy, j rok, nitsuja, ventuz, Xijar, Fernando Márquez and Quinn Storm)

 - New map layers (4 tile layers + 1 block layer)

 - Out-of-bounds indicator and timer

 - Exit confirmation box

 - Better powerup collision detection (no bouncing off of thin air)

 - Coins, powerup cards, eggs and yoshi move if not collected in time

 - Improved AI
	Collects goal items like powerups and coins
	Avoids threats like fireballs and thwomps
	Attemps to avoid spikes (needs improvement)

 - Improved spawn location performance

 - Team colored fireballs/hammers

 - Fixed player spawning under spikes

 - Fixed CPU hogging (runs at 30% CPU on my 2ghz P4)

 - Improved tools in the level editor
	Select eyecandy
	Select tiles and move them around
	Copy tiles and paste them
	Designate "no spawn" areas

 - Adjustable music and sound volume

 - Configurable respawn time


 - New interaction blocks
      Breakable blocks
      Note blocks
      Powerup blocks
      Flip blocks
      Bounce blocks
      Donut blocks

 - Powerups

 - 17 new background images

 - 280 tiles
      Ice tiles
      Death tiles (above only, below only or any side death)

 - 7 New Game modes
      Coin Limit
      Yoshi's Eggs
      Fire Frenzy

 - Improved collision detection (fixed screen edge bugs)

 - Chocobo sprites in Chicken Mode

 - Down jumping through solid on top blocks

 - Improved menu
       Map view
       Player select (allows any player to be in any state: disabled, player, cpu)
       Help keys at bottom of screen

 - Choice of spawn styles
      Added door and swirl to help you find your player when spawning

 - Pause game feature

 - Improved game scoreboard - game leader wears crown

 - Two layers on map (one for tiles and one for blocks)

 - 10 new maps and updated old maps with new blocks and backgrounds

 - Various eyecandy effects like dust and explosions

 - Friction jumping through air is less than on ground

 - Added classic Mario sound effects

 - More vibrantly colored player sprites


1.23 and before
 - the game