ZsnexBox 2.98

What's new:

-Added Lightgun support for Super Scope games. The buttons are mapped to the lightgun A (the trigger) and B Buttons.

-Added Lightgun calibration for 480i, 480p, 720p, and 1080i. The calibration settings are saved to the Xbox hard drive in the TDATA folder. On my Xbox it is the E:\TDATA\00000000 folder. I havenít tested the lightgun in HD modes, but it should work fine. If not, please post what happens, and I will look into fixing it.

-Added support for the lightgun in any of the 4 Xbox controller ports.

-Added option to use the crosshair with the lightgun.

-Added option to enable/disable force feedback for the lightgun. This is connected to the trigger.

-Added options to control the Lightgun rumble strength and time

-Added support for 10x11 pixel aspect ratio for the GUI and the emulation

-Added a loading screen for switching skins.

I was going to add more to this release (like support for more than 16 skins), but I got the lightgun working recently so I wanted to get this out.

I added a "Placeholder.txt" file to all empty folders. This is so FTP programs will transfer the folders to the Xbox. If this does not affect you, then you can delete these files. 


This is a full install. Copy to the Xbox and run default.xbe to start.


DELETE YOUR PREVIOUS ZsnexBoX.ini. If you don't, ALL kinds of strange things will happen.

-Xport for help and code for the lightgun support.
-Anyone I forgot.