ZsnexBox 2.97

-All the paths can be changed in the ini. The default save location is in the directory where the default.xbe is. However, this can be changed via the Path.ini. The folders must exist, because I no longer create the base directories. All 8 screenshot paths, rumble, cheats, sram, save, roms, ini, and garbage paths can be changed. For example, you could set the Shots 1 path to point to the xSnes9x previews folder and the Shots 2  8 paths to completely separate locations.

-The "Disable Key Combo Option" is now saved to the ini.

-Added support for loading cheat files when a game is launched through the command line.

-Added support for loading rumble files when a game is launched through the command line.

-Optimized the savestate loading/creation code

-I have included a few of my rumble files, so if you don't like force feedback, you can delete these or just turn them off if you load a game with force  

This is a full install. Copy the contents of the archive to your Xbox. Run default.xbe to run.

You will need to either move all your files to the appropriate directories relative to the default.xbe or edit the Path.ini. For example, if you want to keep your files where they are, you could change the Path.ini to this:

E:\ZsnexBox\artwork\Shots 1\
E:\ZsnexBox\artwork\Shots 2\
E:\ZsnexBox\artwork\Shots 3\
E:\ZsnexBox\artwork\Shots 4\
E:\ZsnexBox\artwork\Shots 5\
E:\ZsnexBox\artwork\Shots 6\
E:\ZsnexBox\artwork\Shots 7\
E:\ZsnexBox\artwork\Shots 8\

This assumes you have previously been saving to the E partition. Do not put any spaces at the end of any lines. Make sure the "\" is the last character on every line.