New Dev release XBGM#
* XBGM# look a little more polished.
* Add support for dashboard like Avalaunch, XBMC and UnleashX.
* The top toolbar (shutdown/restart/launch) work with any dashboard.
* BOOST mode work with UnleashX (upper V0.36.0620A Build 499).
* Fix bug when sorting column Size.
* Add a Textmod version.

XBGM# have not been fully test, because i don't have any xbox for the moment. So i need you for testing.
This release is in debug mode, so redirect the output to a file, and send it to me please.
Since it is a development version, i am open to any change.
It compile and run on Ubuntu Dapper and MacOS X and Cygwin.
XBGM# cmdline need to build from source, more info here.
Update/Fix Debian package and Gentoo ebuild and Win32 setup.
Update HTML tutorial in Franšais and English to show all new fontionnality. Please Feedback.s