ZsnexBox 2.91

-Forgot to mention that I have made the Metroid skin the new default. I like it the best. However, you can easily change to the Zelda or Mario skin.

-The ROM path in the Path.ini works again

-Added the ability to move left/right in the GG/AR database to see the text that gets cut off. This is really only for non HD users because HD users can just extend the clipping window to see all the text.

As usual, Pilotwings and Super Mario kart (and maybe a few others) savestates will likely crash the Xbox if they were created in a version of ZsnexBox prior to this one. But they  will work fine if created in this version. It seems like the Visual Studio compiler creates a very delicate “version specific” scenario for loading some previous savestates. However, very few games seem to be affected by it. In fact, I’m getting tired of typing this at every release, so from here on out, just assume this is the case.

Hope everybody enjoys all the new enhancements. There’s a lot more stuff to come.