ZsnexBox 2.9

There may be another "beta" release before the 3.0 version. There are still a lot of things left to add and the 3.0 version is only going to have additional cores added. However, I wanted people to be able to test the new features before adding new cores. So once I finish up all the additions I'm going to add, I'll likely release a version so people can test it. Once everything is solid, I'll start adding new cores. I would say the following represents 70% of what I'm going to add before multi-core.


What's New: 

-Added the ability to delete files from the ROM browser. The files are not actually deleted, but they are moved to the "ZsnexBox\garbage" directory.

-Added multiple screenshot support. It will cycle through only the screenshots found. There can be up to 8 different screenshots per game. The screenshots are saved to whatever the active screenshot slot is set to (1-8). The screenshots themselves go into the artwork\Shots 1, artwork\Shots 2, etc... folders. The Shots 1 folder is searched first, then Shots 2, and so on. If you want box art (or in game, title, cart, etc...) displayed first, then put all the box art previews in the Shots 1 folder. This logic applies to all the folders so the user can determine the order the previews are displayed simply by moving them to different directories. When auto screenshots are turned off, only the Shots 1 folder is displayed. In this mode, the right analog stick is used to cycle through available screenshots (Right moves forward, Left moves back)
-Added option to enabled/disable automatic screenshot switching.

-Added option to set the screenshot preview switching speed.

-Added option to manually switch the screenshot preview with the right analog stick. Right moves to the next screenshot. Left moves to the previous screenshot. 

-Complete new rom browser. The ROM browser now scrolls with the highlighted game in the middle

-Added analog scrolling with the Right/Left triggers for the ROM browser. 

-Added the ability to page through the ROM list alphabetically (forwards and backwards). This is done with the D-Pad left and right.

-The ROM browser only displays games, directories, or "..."

-Added Game Genie Database with Analog scrolling for the game list and codes. This includes thousands of codes for hundreds of games. I have not tested them all, so I am sure some won’t work.

-Added Pro Action Replay Database with Analog scrolling for the game list and codes. This includes thousands of codes for hundreds of games. I have not tested them all, so I am sure some won’t work. Don’t forget that some codes will require the “fix code option” (like many Final Fantasy 3 AR codes)

-ROM extensions can now be upper case or lower case. For example, SMW.zip and SMW.ZIP will both be displayed in the ROM browser. However, the "no extension" option in the ROM browser will not remove capitol extensions. This will likely be added in a later release.

-Added a favorites browser. Pressing the white button will add a game to the favorites list when in the ROM browser. Pressing the white button will remove a game from the favorites list when in the favorites browser.

-Set the volume sent to all 5 speakers to the max as the default. You’ll likely want to lower the volume on your TV/Stereo if you have used ZsnexBox before because everything is louder now by default.

-Added support for SD Gundam Next games. The base cart must be named gnext.zip and put in the "base" directory.
-Added support for Sufami Turbo games. The base cart must be named stbios.zip and put in the "base" directory.

-Added Support for Same Game (J).zip expansions. The original (or a copy of) Same Game (J).zip must be named samegame.zip and put in the "base" directory.

-Added the ability to change the number of items displayed in the rombrowser (1- 25)

-Added the ability to change the vertical spacing between items in the rom browser so more items could fit if desired.

-Fixed problem with some AR + GG codes not working

-Added option to change the max analog scroll speed for the GG/AR database and ROM browser.

-Added exit emulation animation when clicking the right thumbstick (similar to FBAXXX and xSnes9x)

-Added option to control the speed of the exit emulation animation

-Fixed the directory sorting problem in the ROM browser

-Fixed a bug where the zip file contents were not filtered on the display (no extension/extra characters/etc...).

-Fixed a bug where the wrong item was selected in the GUI options menu.

-Some code cleanup

-Faster screenshot loading

-Games now load even faster.

-Removed a lot of unnecessary code

-“Maybe” fixed the savestate creation/load bug some games (like DSP-1) had. I say “maybe” because every time I think I’ve fixed it, it just pops up again later.

-Fixed a bug where the cheat files were not created/loaded if the game was launched from the command line.

-Fixed some problems with the ROM browser display

All the people who helped make the cheat code databases
Anyone I forgot