Xbox Backup Creator v2.0 Build:0100 by Redline99

Well after months of development, a complete rewrite, lots of lost sleep,
way more money than I ever expected and so many bugs I lost count of them all,
I present to you, Xbox Backup Creator. The All-In-One solution to your backup needs*.

XBC for short, sorry Xbox Connect people. I tried to come up with something else. :)

I fully expect that not every burner out there will be supported. I will do my best
to add support for them if I can figure out the problem. It has been hard to diagnose
these kinds of issues without having the hardware to test on! A supported list of writers
would be nice to compile in the future.

I would like to thank those who put up with me and my test builds for so long! 
And a personal thanks to Schtrom, by far the highest quality feedback on my test builds.

I would like to also thank a few of my testers who have endured!
	And many others who had both direct and indirect impact on the scene!

Stay tuned, I still have many features to add!

Hardware Requirements:
	Processor: Something within the last 3 years should be fine. I use a P4 3GHz with 1GB Ram
	Ram:       The application currently used a 20MB write buffer, shouldn’t be a 
		   problem on current machines.
	Drives:	   A DVD+R Double Layer burner that supports a Buffer Underrun Technology.
		   PC DVD Samsung SH-D162C with Kreons modified firmware (PC DVD Drive)**
		   Xbox 360 Samsung TS-H943A with Xtreme compatible firmware, v1, v2 or v3.
		   Xbox 360 Hitachi GDR-3120L with Xtreme compatible firmware with OPA v2.1***
		   Xbox One Samsung SDG-605B with Xtreme 605b0800.bin firmware to dump the SS.
		   	(This drive is for making backups that run on the Xbox One)

OS Requirements:
	Windows NT platform with NTFS file system (because file sizes are 4+ GB)
	Windows XP SP2 is preferred, Vista has not been tested.
	If there is enough interest I may support Win9x by way of creating file sets 
	within FAT32 limits. An ASPI driver will also be required. (ASPI already supported)
Application Use:
	It should be pretty straight forward. Read your disk then write it to a blank DVD+R DL.
	Since this application is not multi-threaded, please do not disturb it while writing.
	After inserting a disk it may take a few seconds for it to be recognized.
Supported Backup Images:
	Xtreme style disk images version 1-3. wxRipper support may be added at a later date.
	The application will only build version 3 style images. I don't see the need to add 
	the complication of the version 1,2 types. This is because the data is outside 
	the readable LBA range to the Xbox and the older firmwares will just not use the extra 
	DMI and PFI sectors. The Security Sector is in the same position across versions. 
Xbox Versions:
	Xbox 360: Xbox 360 disks and Xbox One disks!
	Xbox One: Xbox One disks! (not fully tested, but should work)
	I will do my best to keep current and add requested features, feel free to contact 
	me with ideas, compatibility issues or bug reports.  I ask of you to please not use 
	the forums to talk about your adventures in pirating.  Specifically the forums at and  My personal belief is that making a
	backup of property you purchased is within your rights.  Of course not everyone shares
	this opinion and you should use common sense and do not distribute or download backup
	disk images.  You can view Microsoft's statement on piracy at the link below.
Known Issues:
	Writing probably doesn't support all burners
	Sometimes it will not write at the selected writing speed
	May have display issues with some locale settings

	This application requires the Visual Basic 6 sp6 runtimes, included if you need them
	These is also a dependency on MSCOMCTL.OCX, included in the setup package.
	Hopefully you can just run the exe! Use the Setup Package if you need it.
Some shortcut keys:
	CTRL-TAB = Switch to next tab
	CRTL-L   = Show/Hide Log
	CRTL-C   = Cancel current operation
	CTRL-R   = Refresh Disk Information
   * Provided you do it my way and your hardware is compatible! :)

  ** Pre Version .80 of Kreon's Samsung SH-D162C doesn't completely support the Security Sector 
     extraction, but the application will detect the capability when it is available.
     By the way... Good job Kreon!
 *** Currently, the Hitachi GRD-3120L is not capable of viewing the game partition without 
     a hardcoded firmware patch. Hopefully someone will create proper support for unlocking.