FUSE For Xbox First Public Release

This is the first public release of FUSE for the xbox. It is a port of FUSE (Free Unix Spectrum Emulator). I am planning on adopting a new name but can’t think of a good one (suggestions to crabfists@gmail.com J).

Spectrum 48, 128, +2 & Pentagon emulation.
Most snapshot formats supported. 
Rzx playback (for playing back replays of spectrum games).
Snapshot quick save & load.
Virtual keyboard.
Mapping spectrum keys to joypad buttons.
Kempston, Sinclair & cursor joystick emulation.
USB keyboard support.

Features it does not have (but hopefully will have in the future):
Settings for each game.
Load/Save emulator settings.
A pretty UI.
RZX recording.
Tape browser/Tape Playback controls.
Proper support for NTSC Xboxes.
Letting you change which directory snaps are saved in.
File progress/Loading message when loading RZXs.
User friendliness of menus.

Known Bugs/Things to bear in mind
There is a vertical and horizontal line running through the middle of the screen.
Some tzxs don’t load. 
Some tzxs will slow-load (ie take the same amount of time as a real spectrum).
Big rzxs cause an out of memory error.
Big rzxs take ages to load.
I think there is a small memory leak when loading rzxs but you will need to load 100’s before it affects anything though.
The keyboard emulation may be slightly unresponsive and buggy. Try pressing keys very quickly in basic and it seems to miss some keypresses. Can anybody confirm if this is real spectrum behaviour? 
Running the emulator on an NTSC xbox (or in PAL60) will cause the sound to stutter and cause it to not run nicely at all. At the moment I recommend you put your xbox into 50hz mode. I know this is a pain but please bear with me.

Using the emulator
Press “Start” to toggle the main menu when in spectrum mode. When in spectrum mode press “Back” to toggle the virtual keyboard. Hopefully the menu options should be self explanatory. 

The “Save Savestate” will save a snapshot of the current state. “Load Savestate” loads the state back in.

In the debug menu there is a “RZX demo mode” option. This is a feature I put in for testing purposes but I think I might leave it in as a proper feature as I think it’s quite cool. Basically it will playback all rzx recordings in the “snaps” directory, one after another. So, if you put a handful of rzx files on your xbox you get hours of spectrum games played back on your TV. :)

Installing on the Xbox
Put the contents of the archive in a subdirectory (doesn’t matter what the directory is called) in your emulators directory. Put your spectrum snaps (ie games) in the “snaps” directory. The emulator does not support putting snaps in subdirectories (yet), so the snaps must all be in the same directory. Do not remove any files or directories from the archive.
I would appreciate any help tracking down bugs, so if you spot a bug then please send details of it to crabfists@gmail.com. Make sure it is not already listed in the known bugs. Any suggestions, additions or changes to the functionality of the emulator will be considered.

This version was built with freakdaves 0.11 beta version of SDLx.

Source code will be released at some point. Probably when I hit v1.0.


SDL for the Xbox:

for RZX recordings:

for games:

Contact me at crabfists@gmail.com for reporting bugs or suggestions, or just to say hi.
Have fun.

Version Log
19/07/2005 v0.5.0 First release