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 Xecuter Proudly Presents: X2 5028 GOLD                        
 Format: XBOX BIOS                                             
 Date: April 19th 2005                                         

>> Release Information

Well, we're back. Its been just over a year since we last worked 
on the X2 Bios series and what a year it's been. With the phenominal 
success of the X3 Mod hardware and software now on the market we felt
that it was about time we went back to visit an old freind.

We figured we should give the scene a boost with the release of a 
decent bios that works on ALL chips (that support a 512k bios at least).
So you see, Xecuter even has some love for Xenium & Smartxx users :p

ALthough this release has gone "Gold" it is still a work in progress 
and we have a lot of cool new stuff in the works. There will be a new 
PC tool for the new X2CL series - basically being able to patch the 
LBA48 function of the bios and also a nice PC & XBE GUI interface to 
auto create your ini files / change settings on the fly.

Enjoy yet another fine Xecuter Bios Release.

>> Features Summary

Works on all modchips (that support 512k Bios)
Works on Xbox versions v1.0 - v1.6b
Boot All Originals
Boot All Unsigned Code
Boot All Backups
Boot Debug XBE's
Macrovision Protection Disabled
No Patch Hack
No Reset On Eject
Hard Drive Swap Hack
LBA48 Hack*
Custom Partition Hack (Auto Detects!)
In Game Reset (EMBEDDED) (IGR)
- Use IGR after pausing the game for best results
Customized Error Screens **
No DVD Rom Hack ***
No AV Cable Hack
Media Flag Auto-Patcher (All Versions)
Conexant / Focus / Xcalibur Video Support
Clock Check Skipped / Error 16 Fix / Boot to DVD ROM even if clock is corrupt
Disable Access to Xbox Live ****
Disable Access to Xbox Live (Extended Version) ****

*New* X2 Config Live Features
- Set debug mode enable / disable
- Set IGR enable / disable
- Set boot partition of dashboard (c, e, f, g)
- Display Flubber Animation enable / disable
- Check for DVD Rom enable / disable
- Rest Xbox on Pressing Eject enable / disable
- Set Dashboard Priority (5 Options)
- Set Xbox Logo Colors (Xlip,XlipHighlights,InnerWalls,InnerGlow,XboxText)
- Xbox Live Mod Enabled Connect Protection enable / disable
- Check system clock for errors enable / disable
- Set Flubber Colors (Blob,BlobGlow,GreenFog,FlubberScene,FogGlowStart,FogGlowEnd)
- Set Random Flubber Animation enable / disable
- Set Flubber Animation Sequence (15 Options)
- Set Xbox Fan Speed
- Set Flubber in wireframe mode enable / disable
- Display the TM logo enable / disable
- Set the Flubber / Xbox Logo background color
- Stop bios from booting DVD's (d:\default.xbe) enable / disable
- Set Xbox LED Color (green,red,orange,cycle)
- Custom Boot Logo (180x50 256 Color BMP stored on E: drive as x2logo.bmp)

LBA48 Partition Modes: 
This value is now taken from patched byte at offset 0x1b04

0 = standard partitions 
1 = F: gets all (Default)
2 = F: up to 137gb, G: gets rest
3 = F: up to 137gb, no G:

* Thanks to OzPaulb
** Thanks to Superfr0
*** Thanks to Santmat
**** Thanks to Smo

See http://www.teamxecuter.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=64 for more bios help and support

>> Changelog

[5028 GOLD]
- fixed: fan no longer defaults to 0 when no .ini found
- fixed: led color defaults now to green when no .ini found

- fixed: halo/halo2 now booting again
- fixed: no longer interferes with x3 mods (eeprom stored settings)
- fixed: now loads x2logo.bmp from E: instead of x3logo.bmp :)
- fixed: now correctly describes boot partitions in x2config.ini
- fixed: wild rings (jap) now boots - fixed some weird (and rare!) bug that fucked up the first section header of an XBE
- added: partition table on disk is now used if found on hdd (auto-detection, .ini parameter removed)
- added: hdd partitioning mode can be set by setting byte 0x1b04 in bios.bin (get possible values from lba48.txt file)

[5022 BETA]
- We now use the completely overhauled X3 Bios backbone
- Countless changes and bug fixes over the last 12 months since 4983
- Now parses x2config.ini from the hard drive to give multiple bios customizations (Copy to root of E:)
- The first Bios based on the Original Source Tree to work on v1.6

- Fixed X2 Lite Bank 1 XBE Crash Bug
- 4983.06 = LBA48 6
- 4983.67 = LBA48 6+7

- Fixed boot order and dash names
- Made igr, xbl hack, clock check hack and no reset on eject hack configurable with files
- Added x2config.xbe configuration app
- Added app to verify if release is genuine (md5)
- Some minor fixes done
- 4982.06 = LBA48 6
- 4982.67 = LBA48 6+7
- Disabled Connecting to Xbox Live
- 4980.06 = LBA48 6
- 4980.67 = LBA48 6+7

- Added Focus Video Encoder Support
- Embedded OzPaulb's LBA48 Hack
- Added MS Dash clock check skip
- Removed embedded FTP (was simply a proof of concept anyway)
- Resized and optimized back to 256k
- Clean up of code and some general bug fixes
- 4979.06 = LBA48 6
- 4979.67 = LBA48 6+7

- Fixed IGR function which made 4978.2 hang on game startup
- Tested on pro & lite with evoX and a couple of games
- Maybe drink less coffee next time before releasing :-p

- Squeezed to 512k with FTP server still functional (this is done by implementing heavy compression algorithms)
- no functional changes

[4978 Bug Fix]
- Fixed 1MB incompatibility problem with X2.x Lite

- Added FTP server, IP:, Mask:, login/password: x3/x3
- FTP server starts up if you keep the 'A' button pressed on bootup, otherwise the dashes are run
- Dashboard sequence changed to: evoXdash.xbe, avadash.xbe, mxmdash.xbe, xboxdash.xbe

- Permanent No Reset On Eject - Finally got around to adding this - HATED to have it reset in xbox media player :-)

- Unfortunately the 4976 hangs if people have a "debug" xbox and the default dash is set to launcher (xbsetcfg /l),
  this release fixes this problem

- Disable IGR Feature
- Removed No AV Cable Check (for Lan whores etc - Requested Feature)
- Superfr0 Nice Error Screens (Credits to Superfr0 - should have added this as default a long time ago)

- Auto Patcher for new media flag on new games - no need for patching !
- No DVD Drive Check - no longer throws Error 11 (Credits to SantMat)

- ROM is now compatible to v1.0 and v1.1 Xboxes in one 256K image

- Fixed "Non-Boot" Problem (tested on Silent Hill 2)
- Fixed "only needed one trigger for reset" bug
- Added S-Type IGR Reset (LT+RT+BA+BL)

Visit our forums for help and tutorials:


>> Recommended By Xecuter

We Encourage you to use the lastest Avalaunch Dashboard along with
the fantastic Qwix Windows App.


Of course you should also be using XBMC (Xbox Media Center)


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EFNET: #xbins
WEB: http://www.xbins.org

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>> Notes

You should be made aware of some issues that we discovered and
has probably had some of you tearing your hair out.

If you have games like GTA, GTA Vice City and Fifa 2004 etc and 
they are crashing during the game then you will find they operate 
and AUTOSAVE check which uses your system clock. Now if your system 
clock is corrupt then it will crash a number of titles which use 
AUTOSAVE. One clock we found corrupt had a date/time setting of
15/11/8097. The second the clock was fixed in the MS Dash all the 
games that crashed worked just fine with no problems whatsoever.

You should also be aware that some apps especially FlashX v1.2 are
also crashing - this is down to the EVOX IGR / TSR. You should disable 
all EVOX IGR / TSR and this will get things moving nicely.

Also in case you didn't know X2 Bios Manager v2.3 was also released.
It's now extremely reliable and supports flashing both the Lite and 
Pro X2 mods. It even has a new Internet Updatable MD5 bios listing.
Another extra is to be able to flash the X2 pro using a lite programmer 
if you ever needed to. Get it from here:


>> Disclaimer

This piece of software will most likely destroy your XBOX if you 
don't now what you are doing! We will not be held responsible for 
any damage or screw ups. Do not whine or bitch if you cant get shit to work
this bios is free - we are not interested in your complaining.

This bios is not released with any warranties of any kind. Although we 
do test our asses off we cannot guarantee it will be bug free. If you have
any problems or issues please post to the forums and we will either tell
you what you are doing wrong or thank you for spotting a bug that needs
fixing :)                      

 Thanks to #xbins, #teamxecuter and xbox-scene.com for their   
 support. Special thanks to Team Avalaunch and Worldxbox.co.uk 
 maxconsole.com, allxboxskins.com & www.xboxmediacenter.de     

 -/- Xecuter : The Original Crew Rocking the box since 2002 -\-