************       Dashboard 2GAM V 2.3     ***************
***************                          ******************


- Embedded FTP Server in the dashboard
- Embedded Region Free DVD Reader in the dashboard
- Support the setup of the Xbox LED color
- Support of the '0' key to switch off the Xbox while a DVD is playing
- Scan a lot of Hardware informations of the Xbox
- Display a lot of informations about the Xbox
- The choice between 3, 4 or 5 menus on the Main Menu
- Display of time and date on every screen
- Display on every screen the soundtrack, name and time of the current background music
- 31 buttons to set up (launching applications or internal function)
- Display the amount of space used/free on each drive
- Possibility to quickly include some background images
- The Music Control Panel from tHc* Lite
- Possibility to set a password (keyboard or nike) on each application or internal function
- Screensaver customized and customizable
- The choice of the reader (internal or other) for playing a video DVD or audio CD
- Multi-language: french, english, german, spanish (+ easily other languages)

	etc... (I'll not list all 200 options here ;)


1) Copy the directory 'Dash2Gam' to the root of the E: drive on your Xbox
2) Copy the file 'Dash2Gam.xbe' where you want, for that please set up YOUR path in the 'INI' file !
3) Configure your dashboard by modifying the file 'config.ini' (for beginners) or 'config_pro.ini' pour te experts.The two INI files are in the directory Dash2Gam/2GAM.data/
4) Launch the file 'Dash2Gam.xbe' (as an qu'application, or as default dashboard).

/!\ If you wish to use the Config Pro, do not forget to set up JUST the first line of the file 'config.ini' for beginners. /!\

*** USING ***


The default button presets are as follow :
(B) ...................... to restart the Xbox from the Main Menu
(X) ...................... to display the Music Control Panel (by tHc)
(BLACK) .................. to play the game MemoryX (by BobMcGee)
(Right Stick) ............ to take a screenshot of your dashboard. You can snap up to 11 shots per session, they would be saved in the directory 'Screenshot' at the root of your E: drive
(Left Stick) ............. to load the next Skin
(Left) + (A) ............. to change the background image
(Left) + (B) ............. to display or not the Clock
(Left) + (X) ............. to show informations about your Xbox
(Left) + (BLACK) ......... to display or not the Audio Vizualizer on Main Menu
(Left) + (Y) ............. to show or not the soundtrack, name and time of the background music
(Left) + (Right) + (B) ... to switch off the Xbox
(Left) + (Right) + (X) ... to open/close the DVD tray

If you are using the config_pro.ini file, do not forget to fill out the 1st line of the config.ini for beginners

*** BUGS still not fixed :

- Do not recognize any m$ Official Memory Unit
- disparition des images du skins.

*** CHANGELOG  from V2.2 to V2.3 ***


- Possibiliter de changer les couleurs du dash avec le programme 'D2G Color.exe' inclue dans le pack.
- Deux nouvelles action permettant d'ouvrir ou fermer le tiroir du lecteur Dvd soit a partir de la manette soit a partir d'un menu.
- Affichage lors de la lecture d'un dvd de l'heure, la temperature et la taille des partitions E: F: ou G: en affichant le menu.
- Possibiliter de modiffier la transparence des structures 3D du dash en modifiant l'image 'Fond.xbx' qui est maintenant inclue dans le 'Skin.xip'.
- Mise a jour en temp reel de la taille des partitions lors de manipulation par Ftp (ajout / suppression de fichier).
- Possibiliter de jouer la musique de fond seulement lors de la mise en route du screen saver.
- Possibiliter d'afficher ou non la temperature CPU et SYSTEM.
- Possibiliter de modiffier en live la vitesse du ventilateur a l'aide d'un nouveau panneau dans le menu 'Configuration'.
- Possibiliter de changer la couleur de la led de la xbox a partir du Skin.ini.
- Possibiliter de changer la video d'intro a partir du Skin.ini.
- Option d'affichage ou non de la video d'intro au lancement du dash.
- Un color.ini default au cas ou il n'y en a pas dans le skin.


- Bug de reconnaissance du mode 16/9 4/3 au lancement du dash.
- Affichage de la taille des partitions resolue, il n'y a plus besoin de renseigner les partitions active dans le 'Config_pro.ini'
- Affichage du menu 'Disque Dur' avec le 'Setting Style' resolu.
- Affichage des noms des musiques dans le panneau 'Bande-Son' et 'Playlists' du menu 'Musique Control Panel' resolu.
- Affichage des noms dans la liste des jeux etc... du menu 'Disque Dur' resolu.
- Probleme sur la longueur des chemins imbriques resolue.
- Lancement du dash meme si le skin indiquer dans le config_pro.ini n'existe plus.
- Possibiliter de prendre un screenshot sur tout les ecrans.

If I forgot something, please tell me about other bugs actually non-identified.


- Un nouveau Skin 2GAM officiel, fait par un pro du skin.
- Reorganisation des touches preprogramer.
- Realignement des infos afficher sur l'ecran.
- Pour les icones dans Icons.xip, mettre le nom du dossier de l'application/jeux/etc... comme nom pour l'icone a afficher.
- Pour mettre un mot de passe, mettre le nom du dossier de l'application/jeux/etc... comme nom de l'application (section [ApplicationsPassword])

*** CHANGEMENTS de la V2.0  la V2.2 ***


- FTP integrer au dashboard.
- Lecteur DVD integrer au dashboard.
- Choix des couleurs des leds de la xbox.
- Suport de la telecommande dans les menus de navigation.
- Suport des modes video HDTV, Progressive Scan et XVGA.* BUGS CORRIGES :
- Blocage de la console sur le skins Microsoft.
- Parasites sur les sons ambient.
- Impossibiliter de mettre plus de 8 skins dans le menu skin.


- Impossibiliter de patcher les couleurs avec hexbe.
- Reconnaissance des cartes memoire.
- disparition des images du skins.

*** CHANGELOG from V1.0 to V2.0 ***

- Possibility to change materials and textures of 3D items, directly from the skin
- Manage and change the skin through an extra panel
- The game Memory X available from each menu
- Switch the screen to the corresponding choosen video mode (4/3 or 16/9)
- Options to define the rotation (direction and velocity) of 3D items on the main screen
- Options to define the moving (speed and amplitude) of the main screen
- Options to define the cellwall moving (speed and amplitude) of the main screen
- Options to choose if the background images should be used or not to fill the other panels (w/ option set to 'rnd')
- Changing of the panel backgrounds on each loading if the option is set to 'rnd'

- The tHc clock panels was still visible by watching a DVD in 16/9 TV mode
- The dash was too slow by entering in the harddrive menu and scanning the drives
- Impossible to set a password for launching a file from the hard drive menu if this file was not mentionned in the [Applications] section
- No more joystick buttons after launching the screensaver while music is copying


This dashboard is based on the M$ dashboard 4920 version 10027100.

I rewrote a big part of the code in order to integrate a maximum of Options (about 200). Some functions was found on Internet forums, www.Gueux.net (http://gueux.be/), www.xbox-scene.com, www.BURNINGBOX.fr.st, other functions was taken from the tHc* dashboard. They are owned by their respective authors and I will not take any credits for them !

			2G Collective.