This is SIN (Softmod Installer for Newbies) and its a newbie friendly exploit.
Hereīs a little step-for-step.

1. Copy 4541000d to UDATA on a modded Xbox by ftp (if thereīs a 4541000d from before take a backup of it and
delete the folder then).

2. Run "James Bond : Agent Under Fire" and choose "Load mission" and then "Xbox Harddrive".

3. The screen goes black for a sec and then EvoX comes up.

4. Choose "Install UFE" and do 1-5 (1-6 if itīs necessary).

5. Ftp over "c_backup" and "backup" from "e:\4541000d\000000000000\" to your computer. 

6. Restart the Xbox (without the game in).

7. And EvoX will boot. If it didīnt came up any EvoX try then to do "4." again included 1-6.

Now youīre running a softmodded Xbox.
Done by SlayerZ (

Special greetings :

smashly (
Da-Ace (IRC)