EvoX X-CHIP BIOS V1.3                            
         DATE: 22/11-2004                                                             
         Main Features List                                                           
           - Trainer Menu System (Supports EvoX ETM files)                            
           - Bank Selection / Switching                                               
           - DVD Region Setting                                                       
           - Audio Setting (Mono, Stereo, Dolby Surround Sound)                       
           - Digital Audio Settings (enable AC3 or DTS)                               
           - Language Setting                                                         
           - TV Mode (Pal_I, NTSC_J, NTSC_M)                                          
           - Video Mode Settings (Normal, Letterbox, Widescreen)                      
           - Video Refresh (50Hz, 60Hz)                                               
           - Game Region (Manufacturing, North American, Japanese, Rest of World)     
           - XBOX Live Blocker                                                        
           - Eject Fix (Enable / Disable)                                             
           - Setup Text (Enable / Disable)                                            
           - Boot from CD-ROM (Yes / No)                                              
           - 1st, 2nd, 3rd Dashboard Boot Priority                                    
           - USB Debug Output (Enable / Disable)                                      
           - Setup Password Protection                                                
           - Skin Selection                                                           
           - Fan Control (Auto, Low, Medium,Fast, Max)                                
           - Auto EEPROM Backup on first boot                                         
           - Make EEPROM Backup                                                       
           - Recover EEPROM                                                           
           - Lock Harddisk                                                            
           - Unlock Harddisk                                                          
           - View CPU Temperature                                                     
           - View Motherboard Temperature                                             
           - View FAN Voltage                                                         
           - View Harddisk Model                                                      
           - View Harddisk Serial No.                                                 
           - View Harddisk Lock status                                                
           - View Harddisk Key                                                        
           - View XBOX Serial No,                                                     
           - View MAC Address                                                         
           - View AV Pack info                                                        
           - View PIC Info                                                            
           - Flash from within X-Chip OS                                              
           - Bank control from within X-Chip OS                                       
           - Erase or Clear banks                                                     
           - Quick update OS                                                          
           - IGR Hard/Soft mode (credits dootdoo/nghtshd)                             
           - LBA48 (credits Paul Bartholomew/nghtshd)                                 
           - DVD Drive info                                                           
           - Control background rotation                                              
           - Enable / Disable boot logo's                                             
           - HDTV Support                                                             
                               ******  New and Fixed  ******                          
           - Fixed issues with XBOX 1.6B                                              
           - NEW Evox Setup tool for BIOS configuration                               
      	    - Default LBA48 and (Normal drive F) is disabled                                     
             You have to configure LBA Mode before you can use drive F,G              
             See manual for details                                                   
         EvolutionX Release info                                                      
           This release fixes issues with RAM timing not being loaded properly.          
           It also applies to XBOX 1.0->1.5 even though no problems have              
      	    been observed yet.                                                         
      	    We are also releasing a small config tool for your convenience.            
      	    Now you can preconfigure your BIOS anyway you like it.   		       
      	    Please note that every BIOS requires a special .dat file to be located     
      	    in \settings folder. Currently EvoX X-Chip BIOS 1.2 and 1.3 are supported. 
      	    If you already have EvoX X-Chip BIOS installed, you can upgrade            
      	    from within the BIOS Banks Section, otherwise refer to the manual.         
           Please note that this BIOS will only work with the X-CHIP!                 
           The BIOS is released in two different versions:                            
           - XCHIP_v1.3.BIN Works on XBOX Versions (1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5)     
           - XCHIP_v1.3-1.6BOX_ONLY.BIN Works only with XBOX version 1.6              
         Please report bugs, share new ideas and help each other on                   
         our forums.                                                                  
         Find more info here:                                                         
         #EvolutionX on Efnet                                                         
         #Xboxinfocenter on Efnet                                                     
         Nghtshd, Dootdoo, AcidFlash, Iretch, DonQuest, Surfer, yoshihiro             
         networkboy, Shwdwlkr and many others                                         
         And Greetings to all XBOX Hardware and Software developers