EvolutionX M8+ BIOS                         
         DATE: 08/11-2004                                                
         EvolutionX Proudly presents Evox M8+ BIOS.                      
      	  Now works on XBOX 1.6B also					                            
      	  M8plus.bin Is a new BIOS based on the latest 5838 kernel,       
         and has the same features as M7,                                
      	  It will work on XBOX versions (1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5)    
         M8plus_16.BIN Is also based on the 5838 kernel and has the same 
         features as M7.                                                 
         It will ONLY work on XBOX version 1.6 and 1.6B                  
         Thanx to Team Executer for bringing attention to this issue.    
         Thanx to Franz for uncovering the problem.                      
         Enjoy your new BIOS ;)                                          
         Please report bugs, share new ideas and help each other on      
         our forums.                                                     
         Find more info here:                                            
         EvolutionX Website/Forum: HTTP://WWW.EVOLUTIONX.INFO            
         Great Info/tuts on: HTTP://WWW.XBOXINFOCENTER.COM               
         #EvolutionX and #Xboxinfocenter on Efnet                        
         Special thanks to :                                             
         NghtShd, Yoshihiro, Dootdoo, AcidFlash                          
         Thanks to all our beta testers.....                             
         And Greetings to all XBOX Hardware and Software developers